Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday Thoughts

This little piece of Internet paradise has been neglected this week. Yes, I've blogged as much as usual, but I haven't been really thinking about what I'm posting as much as I normally do. Other than yesterday's post. That was and is dear to my heart and soul. For those of who you prayed, thank you! Jesup is home and doing well.

Back to the blog - I have a confession. This blog started becoming work. And I hate that.

I remember when I started blogging. I just wanted to document my life as a wife, then as a pregnant newlywed and now a mom and wife in a "foreign land". Somewhere along the way, I got caught up in trying to make my blog more. To make Wife Mommy Me something it isn't. This isn't a blog focused on getting as many followers or comments as possible. I added the fan page on Facebook for family and friends who don't get the whole Blogger thing but can follow a link from Facebook to my url. I enjoyed doing my giveaways - everyone loves free! but I don't want that to be what Wife Mommy Me is about.

What is Wife Mommy Me? I'm a wife to James. The most amazing man I know. I'm a lot to deal with, seriously. But he loves me through all my craziness and because of him, I'm a better person. I'm a Mommy to Connor who has taught me that love has no boundaries. That no matter what my history is or what my future holds, I created this little piece of wonderful. I am me. A girl with a heart that breaks easy, gives freely and loves deeply. Someone with a low tolerance for bullshit but had a high threshold for forgiveness.

Wife Mommy Me is really just a gal writing her thoughts, sharing her life and documenting what makes our world go round. My blog, that I love, whole hearted, some how became work and I felt guilty if I didn't write. That's not what I want. If I miss a link up, oh well. If I don't post for a few days, I know that my readers will be there when I'm ready to write again.

I guess what I am saying is that I plan to scale back some on pushing WMM to be something it isn't. I will never have thousands of followers. I will just have you. The reader that matters, the fan that knows me and enjoys the little things I share here.

So that's what's on my mind. What I've been thinking about each day when I struggle to get a post written and up before bed.

For those of you who have been blogging for a while, you may get this. You may suffer from this bizarre blogger guilt.

I love my blog. I love documenting our lives. I love getting to know so many people from sharing our world. Thank you for the support. For welcoming me into your world as well.

Happy Friday! Enjoy your weekend.


  1. It's easy to get caught up in other things and I honestly see no problem with someone blogging simply to build and audience and making a few extra dollars from it. But when your goal has a dollar sign, it always will become work. And if you really just want a blog to be about YOU, you can't focus on anything else.

  2. Amen to this!
    For awhile I was looking at all the "big" bloggers thinking, "Yes! That's what I want!" But, really, it's not. I love writing my story. If people want to follow along, awesome. If they don't, that's fine too. Occasionally I'll do a giveaway, but it's because it's a product I love and want to share with my blog friends.
    I'm not ever going to have hundreds/thousands of followers. That's cool. I'll just stick with the ladies who hang around and follow along on this crazy journey of marriage/parenthood.


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