Thursday, October 31, 2013

Connor's {FIRST} Birthday - Smash Cake

I must admit. When planning Connor's party, I did not, in no way, shape or form, want a smash cake. The thought of him being covered in cake, making a gigantic mess, smearing white frosting in his hair made me cringe. However, Connor's Aunt Dean insisted I get him one. So we made a deal. I'll let him enjoy a smash cake on his birthday IF she would clean him up afterwards. She agreed so off to order a cake I went.

Truth? I'm glad I got him one. He relished the experience. Although he was a bit uncertain at first, he ended up enjoying it far more than I had anticipated. 

Before - our tidy, cake free boy.
He started off fairly slow. He would pick at the icing.
With a little help, he got into it and as the picture shows, went crazy.
There was cake everywhere. In his hair, on his chest, on the chair. No spot was safe.

Like his purple beard?

This is my favorite photo of him smashing his cake. That face is one of pure joy. He was reaching for Momma to pick him up. Yeah, that didn't happen.
Maybe some good tasty cake went to waste. But I think it was well worth the $10 I spent. Look at how much fun the guy had? And to think, I wasn't going to let him smash a cake. Bad Momma.


  1. Bad Momma, indeed! Good Aunt Dean! Who loves you Boo??!!! That's you're Aunt Deany!! I'm so glad you got him even if I had to clean that mess up. It probably took me 30 minutes to get it all off!!

  2. I'm the total opposite, one of the things I looked forward to the most was the smash cake! I knew it would be messy but oh so worth it and it was. The pictures are priceless. I'm glad you did it, these photos are great!

  3. That last picture is precious! :)

  4. Love the pictures! He looks like he enjoyed smashing that cake!!!

  5. Those are by far my favourite pictures from your birthday recaps!!!! I'm so glad you got talked into a smash cake, now you can look back and get all sentimental looking at the sweet grin covered in frosting. =)

    Happy Halloween!

  6. I totally feel you on the smash cake concept.. we almost didn't do one because of the mess and really why does a 1yr old all of a sudden need all that sugar when we spent so much effort on how they ate the 12mo prior... anyway we did one too because the photographer we hired for Callie's one year does a special cake smash as a part of the shoot and did a great collage. It was totally worth it because those were some of the best photos we have! So glad you did it too but I really understand where you were coming from!

  7. What an AWESOME smash cake experience! (Ours did not go as well as C's!)
    Way to get into that cake Conner!

  8. We had a similar experience! Cake everywhere, in her hair, the floor, such a sticky mess but I loved the pictures and my mother-in-law cleaned her up afterwards! :)


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