Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Connor's {FIRST} Birthday - Presents

Yesterday, I shared the details of the decorations we used for Connor's birthday. Today, I'm sharing the photos of Connor opening his gifts. I really think Connor did well (read - was very patient) with opening his gifts and taking time looking at each gift and opening the attached cards.

I don't remember what was in this particular gift bag but it's pretty obvious that Connor was excited!
I love how my nephew Will is peeking in to see what Connor got. His Uncle Weevie got him his first laptop. Now, he can join me when I work on the blog.
This boy LOVES Matchbox cars. Sometimes they are used as a teething toy more than a car but regardless, he has one with him everywhere we go.
He must have liked something! His expressions are the best.
This is my favorite birthday party picture. From this snapshot, it's clear that our little ham enjoyed his day. Especially all the attention he was given.
Tomorrow is the BIG DAY!! Our little boy turns 1. Where has all the time gone?? It's insane to think that a year ago today, I was in the hospital doing everything I could to (finally) go into labor and meet our little Mister. Without a doubt, it's been the very best year of my life!


  1. Such good pictures...he looks so happy! We just celebrated the big ONE this weekend too. I told everyone that Carter had no cars/trucks/tractors to play with so what did we get but TONS of cars, trucks and tractors! :)

  2. He looks like he had a blast! Aww so cute. I'm glad you went with the Halloween theme - work with what you've got. I had a Halloween themed baby shower. Easy peasy! Happy almost Birthday Connor!

    I nominated you for a liebster award, check out today's post on Sweet Turtle Soup if you are interested!

  3. What great photos! He looks so excited!! Those smiles are just priceless! :)

  4. Love the photos, especially the last one with his big smile. So cute. Those pictures are so precious...his first b-day gift....ahhhh!!! Too cute :)


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