Monday, October 14, 2013

Being Home

We made it. 1 early morning wake up call, 2 flights and 1 Passat later, we are in Ohio. FOR 2 WEEEEKKKKSSSS! 

Being home is exciting. Gives me tingles but nothing makes me giddier than the Ohio fall I get to enjoy for the next 14 days. 

Texas has it's perks but one of it's biggest downfalls is that it doesn't have the fall I'm used to. Cold temps, comfort foods and the colorful leaves put me in the happiest of moods. Sure fall leads to bitter cold temps in winter but that's also the most wonderful time of the year! 

I really love everything about this time of year and I plan to enjoy all that fall in the Buckeye state has to offer with my favorite little man. 


  1. Yay! I love being home too. Enjoy the time with your family!

  2. Enjoy being home! I understand what you mean about fall - it's a little better here in CO than TX but nothing like the midwest! We'll be home (MI) for two weeks at Thanksgiving and I can't wait!

  3. Fall is my absolute FAVORITE season! Like you, CA doesn't carry Fall like the Midwest does.
    Enjoy every second while your home!!!

  4. Oh yes, fall in Florida is really not fall. There is only so much I can do to make it festive, you really need the crisp cool mornings and that fall smell and the leaves to complete the season. I wish I could head up to Ohio for a few weeks, I've got family up there it could work! Have a little extra fun for Aria and me.


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