Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Baby Food/Bottle Transition

When Connor was born, I thought the hardest part of being a parent was going to be figuring out what he needed when he needed it. As any parent could tell you, newborns can't tell you what the need. By the grace of God, James and I figured out what Connor needed and the early days weren't as rough as I had thought they were going to be. There were times, when C would get all kinds of bent out of shape and nothing could calm him. This moments were few and far in between and I am so grateful for that. I can honestly say, we've been blessed with a pretty easy going baby boy.

C is quickly approaching that year mark. When he goes from formula filled bottles to sippy cups full of milk. From baby food to table foods. For some reason, these two transitions worry me.

For as long as Connor's been in our world, I've known exactly how much to feed him and what. Right now, he takes 4 bottles a day, 2, 8 ounce and 2, 6 ounce bottles along with 2 containers of baby food and some snacks here and there along with a single sippy cup of water. We've given him table foods from time to time but the bulk of his nutrition still comes from formula. I'm fairly certain Connor has never gotten "hungry" - I'm the Mom who keeps to the feeding schedule to a T.

So next week we will be dropping bottles and baby food. I wonder if it's best to do it cold turkey or one bottle at a time? Also, how much milk should he have throughout the day? Since his Dad has a dairy sensitivity, should I be worried Connor has one as well? When giving him table food, how much should he have at each serving? Should I be making sure he consumes a certain number of calories on a daily basis?

I have these questions and many more for C's doctor when we visit on the 31st but I thought I would through them out to fellow Mommas. I tend to trust ya'll a bit more than his doctor. Maybe it's because you've all been there before. You know what it's like to worry and doubt yourself. And even more so because us Moms gotta stick together, right?


  1. This transition went so much easier than I could have ever imagined for us!! I hope it will be the same for y'all! As for dropping bottles, I did them one at a time, starting with the mid-day bottles. I started with the mid morning one, then the afternoon a couple days later, then the first bottle of the day, then the night time bottle. Jaqs goes through about a gallon of milk each week now...roughly 2-3 cups/day.

    As for table foods, some days will be better than others! Try not to stress if one meal isn't as big as you'd like, but just offer a nutritious snack or a pouch or whatever in between the next meals. He will eat when he's hungry & will get enough! :)

    Anyway, enough rambling for now, let me know if I can help! :)

  2. I'm with Katie, the transition just kind of works itself out.

    We got rid of the bottles cold turkey. It took about two days, and M forgot all about them.
    For awhile I kept the milk schedule about the same as what his formula schedule was.
    Now, M gets 3-4 cups of milk (usually with meals), he always has water available during the day.

    As for the food... I'm sure C will give you strong signals if he wants more food (keeps eating what you put in front of him), or if he's done (M likes to chuck his food off his highchair when he's over it). M eats three meals, with copious amounts of snacking throughout the day.

    It's teamwork between you, James and C. You'll have it down pat in no time.

  3. Our transition happened pretty naturally, right around 1 year I started mixing whole milk in his bottles and slowly after his first bday it became all whole milk which he didn't mind. I also cut out all bottles (only sippys) except before bed and eventually that stopped as well. Hunter never made a big deal about it. Also, at daycare they would feed him breakfast and lunch of regular food with the other kids and he would just eat what we ate for dinner, around 11 months he didn't want baby food anymore. He eats til he's full and then stops. Some days he doesn't eat much but I figure if he were hungry he will let me know. Now he only gets a sippy of milk in the morning and maybe another at lunch. Other than that just water. They really don't need much milk after a year.

  4. i have no idea what the answers are but im gonna read what people write for you and take their advice as well for when that time comes for us haha :)

  5. I breastfed mt last so that was a different world but with my first 2 , who I couldn't bf, it was super simple. I actually started them on milk around 10/11 months a little at a time to see how they handled it but don't think I needed to. I was more picky about the sippy cups...I used the Playtex ones. He will be fine and you'll still always figure out what he needs...you're his Momma!! :)


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