Monday, October 7, 2013

A Message Meant for Me

As I sit here typing this out, Connor is on the floor playing with his toys and the toddler station on Pandora is rocking out "Wheels On The Bus". Our baby boy is feeling better. Praise Jesus! 3 weeks of snot and whininess is done with. 

Today has been a good, no make that AMAZING day. I set an alarm (!!!) last night for 6AM and got up and ready and had breakfast before Connor woke up at 7:45. We played a bit before heading to MOPS. 

Connor looked super handsome in a long sleeved stripped tee, shorts and his new tennis shoes. I felt girly and confident in a navy and gray dress (!!!) from the GAP, red scarf and navy flats. It's amazing how good you can feel when you take the time to not look like a complete disaster! 

A fellow MOPS member spoke of her experience joining MOPS and hand to God, it was my story. She was sharing my exact story without even knowing me. I sat, listening, fighting back tears, thinking, I am not alone.

Her message was that if you expect to earn a friend, you need to be a friend. Being as I moved to ATX knowing no one, it's been very important for me to put myself out there. For the last 10 months, I have truly been sabotaging myself. The desire for me to create friendship is huge yet I've done next to nothing to facilitate such friendship.

Instead of being friendly and putting myself out there, I have been more reserved and have hesitated getting to know people. All this has done is caused me to spend my days alone, in my pajamas, letting myself go and draining in self-pity.

But thanks to the message this morning, I've decided enough is enough. I have to embrace life in Texas. I am not replacing the wonderful friends I have back home, I'm expanding my group. I'm done with looking like poop 24-7. I didn't have a lot of clothes that made me feel girly and pretty so Connor and I enjoyed a little retail therapy this afternoon and I'm excited to wear the pieces I bought. I'm going to put myself out there and enjoy this opportunity God has placed in my life. 

And finally, most importantly, I am going to stop being my own worse enemy! 


  1. Yay Stephanie!!! Did u go to MOPS @ FBCRR or your new church? Wow! Hearing your story about the speaker telling "your" story was amazing!
    We love u in Book Club & hope to see u back. Why, u could even bring CJ..he he!
    U can be w/ us old folk one night a month! We r so wise...the Bible says so! Love u! Teresa

  2. I love you even more for this. This is *my* story, too! It took a LOT for me to open up at Gymboree, but dammit, I've made some friends. *MY* friends, not wives of Scott's friends, buy MY friends. It's taken almost three years, but it's progress, and it feels good!

  3. Hi Stephanie...Glad your little guy is feeling better. I am glad you posted this. I just moved recently too and am in the same position as you are. We just started going to a new church and met some people. It's hard to put yourself out there. Thanks for this post, when I read it I was like this is my story too!!!


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