Monday, September 9, 2013

What Works for Us

Last week, I was talking to my best friend back home about schedules and naps. She is Mom to my (real) best friend who will be 3 in November and has been having to really enforce nap time and a stricter schedule. We've both mentioned that Mae might be entering the trouble 2's (and hoping it disappears when she is 3 - in 2 short months!).

I mentioned how well our schedule works with Connor. How predictable he is when we stick to what we know works. Our schedule isn't what others think is ideal but it works for us.

Some fellow bloggers and followers on IG have mentioned how awesome it is that Connor sleeps in. Trust me, I am so thankful for that. I love the extra rest. The reason Connor sleeps until 8AM - 9AM is because he doesn't go to bed until 9PM. To some, this seems late but it fits our schedule.

James gets home from work between 6PM - 7PM (usually closer to 7). We eat dinner as soon as James walks in the door (what a good wife I am, right?) and then James and Connor get to spend a couple hours together before bed time. If Connor had a earlier bedtime, the two of them would be missing out on father/son time. That I'm not okay with. A later bedtime also gives us time to do family things in the evening and if I need to run errands or have me time, this gives me time for that all before bed time duties.

Sometimes having a late sleeper causes up to miss out on play dates with our friends but there is no amount of fun going to be had if Connor is grumpy and tired because he didn't get his sleep (a trait he gets from his Momma). Every once in a while, I will wake him a little early so we can join in on the fun but we tend to stick to our normal schedule of 9AM - 9PM.

Figuring out what works for us as a family took some time. It took a lot of long days and early rises. Connor does best when I stick to his schedule. More times than not, he wakes happy, goes down for naps with ease and doesn't fight bedtime. Because he rises late, he usually only takes one nap a day, for a solid 2-3 hours midday.

Connor has been such a easy baby. There have been times when I am close to pulling my hair out and I can't wait for James to walk through the front door. Other days, he is a complete saint and I love him for it.

Parenting isn't cut and dry, neither are naps and routines. You have to do what is right for your family. What works best for you.


  1. That's a great schedule. It took us months to figure out what the best schedule for my daughter would be. She sleeps from 8pm-8am, most days, and takes one long nap a day, sometimes a second short nap in the afternoon. Of course she's always changing things up and will sometimes wake up earlier or skip her afternoon nap all together. Just gotta go with the flow!

  2. We've never had a set schedule for Henry and if we have, it's changed soon after setting it because with babies/toddlers, their needs change and evolve SO much! However, Henry has never been a sleeper. Even now he will go to bed at 10-11 p.m and be awake by 7 a.m. I don't think he's ever consistently went to bed before 10 p.m or been asleep later than 7-8 a.m. You have to do what works best for your family!

  3. Unfortunately even when we put Hunter to bed later he still gets up at the same time, like clockwork. So we usually put him down around 7:45 so he still gets a good amount of rest but I get some time with him in the evening since I get home at 6pm. I wish we could get him to sleep in on the weekends though.

  4. Amen sister. I feel like we are CONSTANTLY adjusting and changing our "routine." We try to stick with what we thinks works, but sometimes Marcus just has other plans. And, we have to go with the flow (which can be difficult for two VERY type-A parents).

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  6. Figuring out what works for your kid is the most important thing! I joke that i'd like Callie to sleep later but I'm used to our early to bed early to rise schedule. AND if i'm being honest i'm pretty sure she learned that from me anyway! I'm glad your little man's schedule works with your husband's work schedule too. Every time I think my husband's travel schedule is awful I remember he would probably see her less if he worked a traditional job because of her early bedtime.


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