Wednesday, September 4, 2013

So What! Wednesday

This week I'm linking up with Shannon, recent Momma to
the cutest little boy James Weston! Be sure to join us!

-So What! if I've dropped the first birthday ball and have yet to get Connor's invites order. If I need to give folks a 30 day notice, I'm cutting it close. I suppose I will just add that to my arm long to do list.

-So What! if for a moment yesterday when I found out someone was having twins after being a member of the one and done club that I thought I wanted a sibling for Connor. This thought left as quickly as it arrived when my nephew peed on our bathroom wall instead of in the toilet.

-So What! if chopping my hair off on Saturday was a total spur of the moment decision and as of today, I'm still good with having short hair.

-So What! if I caved and ordered cable WITH DVR. After giving it up for 8 months, I've decided the only way I'm going to get through James traveling so much for work is with a little cable therapy.

-So What! if I just blamed my husband's work schedule for my cable needs. Oh well! Gotta place the blame somewhere.

-So What! if Connor's Halloween costume has me so excited for trick or treating this year. I'm keeping his costume a secret because (in my opinion) it's going to be that epic

Happy Wednesday folks!


  1. I'm intrigued as to what Connor is going to be for Halloween! I haven't decided yet what my daughter is going to be. I totally support your decision to get cable back, there's no way I could survive my husband's late nights without it. You'll be grateful you got it!

  2. I LOVE Halloween outfits, haha. Henry is going to be 'old' this year. I can't wait to get him an old man sweater and some loafers!

  3. I CANT WAIT to see his outfit!!!! Also you have to have DVR. With a kiddo running around there is no way you can adhere to a TV schedule. I record everything and watch it when I can! Short hair don't care. Oh and a friend of mine had twins TODAY!

  4. I couldn't live without DVR! It's the only way I get to watch t.v. and almost never watch anything live anymore.

    I still don't know what costume to get Hunter this year. It may be my last year to have full say over what it is before he has an opinion.

    1. I haven't watched live TV in so long I'm dying to find new shows to enjoy. DVR is the only way I can watch certain shows that air while some of James' shows are on as well.


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