Monday, September 16, 2013

I've Been Every Where Man - Connor says

2 road trips
6 airports
7 states
10 flights
15,000 miles

Yes, you read that right. Little Mister has been busy. Over 15,000 miles in 9 months.
Can we say frequent flyer??

If Connor is a expert traveler, I must be one myself, right? While traveling isn't my thing (I hate airports and flying isn't fun. Whatsoever!), I'm much more of a get to the destination kind of girl. But in the short time I've been hittin' the road with a babe, I can say I am a pretty good planner.

Here are my tips to traveling with a little one.
  • Flying with a sleeping baby is exactly 1 million times easier than flying with a baby who wants to bounce, walk, crawl, sing, screech, and play for the entire flight. Try to plan your flight around his/her sleeping schedule. Connor has flown 10 times and has never once been "that baby". Knock on wood.
  • Feed during take-off and landing. Babies don't know how to pop their ears, so it's helpful to offer a bottle when the plane takes off and just as the plane begins to descend (which is when you'll notice your own ears popping), to help ease the ear pressure. If they aren't hungry, give them a pacifier if they take one.
  • If staying in a hotel, download an app to your phone or find a website online that offers white noise. Connor is used to sleeping with white noise so it's a must on trips. Thanks to the white noise, you won't have to tiptoe around at night, it will block out any noise you make, as well as any street noise or hotel creakings that your baby isn't used to.
  • If you are able to, it's smart to pack just the food, diapers and wipes you will use during flight and at the airport. I like to pick up the things C will need from Target before settling into the hotel. This saves room in both our bags and just makes it easier on me (read less to pack).
  •  For bigger kids, I suggest having a "new" toy for the flight. Wrap all the gifts individually, as unwrapping the gift will allow for more entertainment. It's good to plan for one gift per hour - just small things, like small books, crayons, mini play dough, etc. Also try and bring "new" snacks. Kids love "new" so spice up what you give them to munch on and you'll be surprised at how much quiet time you can buy yourself.
  • If you plan to be out of town for a while, I would consider renting an apartment/house. Hotels have their perks (indoor pools! room service! ice machines!) but the rooms are often quite small, and with a baby, you need space. I really enjoyed visiting Denver last month but once Connor went to down for a nap, I was stuck sitting in the dark, listening to white noise, reading a book on my phone. Renting a apartment or house lets you watch movies, cook dinner and enjoy yourself while the baby is asleep.
  • Lastly, if you are able to drive to your destination (and want to), do it!! I find that although it takes longer and you do stop a lot to take care of the baby and your needs, you get to pack and bring more with you. Being able to have Connor's favorite toys or movies with us without having to sacrifice baggage space is priceless and worth a couple extra hours of travel.
Connor has been so easy to travel with, which makes joining James on business trips or visiting friends/family out of town easy. What hints do you have for traveling with a small child?

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  1. Oh sweet baby Jesus, Marcus was SUCH a handful on our flight this week. I was *that* parent, but could do nothing to fix the problem.
    It was so much easier to travel when he was itty bitty... And, soon we'll have to pay for his seat. Gah!


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