Friday, September 13, 2013

Five On Friday

It's Friday!!! Friday the 13th! And I couldn't be happier!
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{one} I just mentioned being happy that it's Friday the 13th, well that's because today is my sweet baby brother's 22nd birthday! I'm not sure if he reads this blog as he is the busiest college senior I know but I want to wish him the happiest of happy birthdays anyway. I love you Chester Allen and I am so excited to see you this weekend. Remember "You is kind. Your is smart. You is important".

{two} Connor spiked a fever yesterday evening so I called the on-call doc as it was after hours and after telling him what C had been experiencing, was told that he has a virus. What the Holy Hell?!!? Another one? I don't get it. I had thought that with the symptoms he had that he was teething but the doctor told me those weren't signs of teething, which may I add goes against everything Dr. Google and WebMD says along with every other mother on the face of the planet. I have had it with this doctor. I'm currently setting up 'interviews' with new ones.

{three} Piggy backing off of #2, I am blaming Story Time for this current virus. Not only am I blaming said Story Time but I'm breaking up with it and all others for a little while. Connor goes to MOPS daycare, he plays with other littles during Mom group play dates so he comes in contact with lots of kids so obviously Story Time and their toys are what is getting my baby boy sick. Bastard books, balls and mirrors!

{four} I've been up since 6:30 this morning and although I am so exhausted (I'm was a single parent yesterday, babe is sick and I was up until midnight), I have already accomplished so much. Our master bedroom is cleaned, laundry is folded and put away and I've packed my bags for our trip to IL. It's becoming clear that I am going to have to learn to sleep less, rise earlier and get business taken care of while the baby is sleeping. It used to be so easy to get things done while Connor was awake but nowadays, a very active 10 month old wants to "help" too much.

{five} Sometimes the days are far too long and hard and I find myself not appreciating how blessed I am as much as I should nor do I give thanks to HIM. While browsing Pinterest, I came across this quote on someone's board and have decided to claim it as my new motto.

Happy Friday the 13th! Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I hate realizing that I'm just gonna have to get up earlier or do things later at night when the little one is asleep! I want to relax then too!

  2. I think C is probably teething but I'm not a doctor. I remember Hunter would always get a low grade fever when teething and the on call nurse said that fevers weren't a teething symptom but everyone else I knew and what I read said it was. Hunter always got sick during his first year of daycare (so did we) but now I think it's help build all of our immune systems up and we aren't getting sick as much so it's good and bad.

  3. Um, could you channel some of that super-mom energy to me? I've been meaning to clean my house for a week now...

  4. Whoa for a Mom who's tired you've accomplished a lot today! I hate whenever my daughter is sick. I blame it on the mall playground and story time too.

  5. I "love" that at this age every symptom is a symptom for about a 100 things so unless they are awful sick there's not much to do - so frustrating! I would echo sounds like teething but every kid is so different for that. Hang in there and I hope he feels better soon!

    Oh and we changed drs around 1 year for a variety of reasons but one of those reasons what the responses (or lack their of) we got when calling. New dr is amazing at talking us through things! Trust your gut and switch if you think that's best - it might be worth it!

    Yay for MOPs - I love it!!


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