Monday, September 23, 2013

Celebrating Fall & Giveaway Winner!

I love fall. 

Yesterday was the official first day of fall (!!) which is my favorite time of year. The weather is milder and when the leaves turn rich red, orange and yellow, I feel a sense of calm and peace come over me. I love watching the trees change colors, apple and pumpkin picking and the clothes are so beautiful (and so me!)…I can wear my jeans, boots, and sweaters again! And, everybody is in the mood for baking and making hearty soups and comfort foods. Fall also kicks off the start of the new TV season of my favorite shows: Scandal and Revenge. And I can't forget to mention that fall is home to my favorite sport, football!

What’s not to love about this season?.. Pure awesomeness.
What are your favorite things to do during fall? Some of my autumn favorites are long walks, baking pies, decorating with pumpkins, making chili, drinking apple cider and enjoying the season’s colors, temperatures and fall activities.

To make the most of our first fall in Texas, I plan to check off each and every one of these activities on this Fall 2013 Bucket List.

And a big congrats to Desiree for winning our fall giveaway! 
D, email me your address so I can send you your goodies!


  1. I love Fall and everything you have your bucket list. Did you make it yourself? It's so adorable with that little turkey on top. :)

  2. That great thing about fall in last until Summer. :)

    Laura @ Mice in The Kitchen

  3. great bucket list!! how did you make that? it's so festive looking!!

  4. Love your bucket list and I love fall too, favorite time of year!!! I feel motivated to make a bucket list too!!! Thanks :)

  5. That's a great (and super cute) list!! And lucky Des for winning the giveaway!!!!

  6. I need to make a full bucket list! Did you make yours?? If so, what program did you use? It's too cute!!
    Emailing you now - woohoo!!!


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