Thursday, September 26, 2013

Bottle Holder

Connor is just days away from his 11 month milestone.

I've mentioned time and time again that as much as he does do - talks, crawls, stands, claps and dances - he does not and will not hold is bottle.

Until this past Sunday! 
If you're a parent, you know how liberating it is when your baby can start "feeding" themselves their bottle.

Some backseat lunch after playing at McKinney Falls. I was surprised when C jerked his bottle from me and feed himself. I thought maybe he was just hungry. 

But he did it again... (that's some awesome hair, right!?)

And again...

And that's when I accepted the fact that our baby boy is no longer little. He is growing and reaching milestones at a pace that makes my heart ache (and the fevah begin!!). 

Connor, you are too big for your own good and far to independent for your Momma'a liking! 

Happy Friday Eve!! 


  1. I had this problem with my daughter and she still has her days. And you are right, this is a such a relief! And love his hair!

  2. He is so cute sitting there holding his bottle :) wow 11 months!!

  3. That's AWESOME! I think Marcus was about 10 months before he decided he could hold his bottle on his own. And then two months later I took that damn bottle away for good. HA!


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