Friday, September 27, 2013

5 on Friday

Can you believe it's Friday already? And the last Friday in September at that! Is it just me or does time go by so fast these days?
I'm linking up for another edition of Five on Friday

{one} This has been one heck of a week. James is (again) traveling for work so it was the perfect time for Connor to get sick with allergies. Every time he spends a good chunk of time outdoors (in an area filled with trees), he gets sick. We've been riding the Hot Mess Express since Tuesday but I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

{two} Connor is dressing up as Frankenstein for Halloween and I'm so excited to see him in his costume. I'm on the lookout for a black sweatshirt that is fairly inexpensive since we are going to be cutting it. I found one at Target but I refuse to pay $14 for a top I'm going to destroy.

{three} Our dog Tugg keeps eating grass. The reason I know this is because he thinks is cool to throw said grass up daily. I'm fairly confident it's because he hates me and wants to live out the rest of his days driving me batty.

{four} I am going through some kind of fashion rut. Which isn't really new as I don't have a fashion sense to begin with. But I've gone shopping 3 times now and have came home empty handed. I can't find anything I like in stores. Maybe I should start Googling what I'm looking for and buying it online. Any suggestions for online shops that you love?

{five} Starting this weekend, I'm going to be taking a break from social media. I feel so connected all the time and some time away will do me good. I know James will love it. No Facebook, Instagram or Twitter this weekend. If you don't see me back at it on Monday, know that I've died from the withdrawal.

Have a great weekend! See ya all on Monday!


  1. We are in the process of Halloween costume planning. I think we finally have it narrowed down... Then again, I'll probably change my mind in 15 minutes. Whomp whomp.
    I'm a big Gap fan (online or not). Their stuff is always classic, and pretty much my every day staples (when I get out of my yoga pants).
    As for unplugging, good for you! It's always nice to step away for a day or two. Enjoy!!

  2. I don't know what it is but our animals (dog and 2 cats) ALL act up whenever things are awry here! Callie's pulling on my leg while cooking -- the cat trys to eat from the hot pan on the stove, Dog trys to get something off the counter, etc etc. I hope your dog isn't sick but maybe he's stressed bc Conner hasn't been feeling well? Either way I hope you get some relief this weekend!

  3. Oh no to the allergies and the grass barf. My dog Lizzy thinks the lawn is a buffet. Fine eat it, whatever, just stop throwing it up on my floor! I hope Connor gets to feeling better asap. And a ps, I love love your about me side bar photo.

  4. I hope Connor starts feeling better soon for your sake! As far as online shopping, I love Alloy, their fall catalog came out recently and there's so much to choose from.

  5. Perhaps Tugg isn't feeling so hot himself! Cohen and Mason always eat grass when they've ate a lot of crap and need to throw it up. Have you tried the thrift stores for the sweatshirt? I'll look through some of Henry's old things, but I don't recall him ever having a black sweatshirt. What size is C wearing now?


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