Monday, September 30, 2013

11 Months - 9.30.13


In 30 short days you are going to be a full fledged 1 year old. No longer a baby but a toddler. The last 11 months have given me a glimpse into what my life is going to be like with you in our world... pure happiness with a side of sloppy kisses and tantrums fit for a king! 

You have really started to show your personality. At times, you are completely stubborn like your Daddy and other times, you are hot mess like Momma. It makes for some exciting days for sure. 

It's not always chaos. You have starting giving kisses. You give big smooches with a side of wet and a bit of tongue. You give kisses more to me than Papa. I think it's because you know I get more of the 'bad' Connor and those kisses make up for it! 

When you don't want to do something or don't like this or that, you don't keep your feelings to yourself. You express yourself quite well considering you don't talk yet. Makes me think when you so get to choose your words, you'll have plenty to say! 

Thanks (again) to a nasty virus and some allergies, the last 3 weeks have been trying but we've made it through. You're sleeping and eating has been okay. You still are eating baby food with a bit of big people food mixed it. So far we haven't found a food you don't like.

We've kept you pretty busy, trying to make the most of the last bit of summer with a baby! You love being outside and I try to take you out for at least an hour every morning and a little more in the evening. 

You are all boy. You love dirt, rocks, water and mulch. And if I'm not super careful, you will try to eat everything you can get your hands on at the park. That being the case, I tend to let you play on the play sets that are much too big for you. It doesn't slow you down though. You are far too big for your own good! 

Now that you are bit older and seem to enjoy things more, I try to find something new for you to do or discover every week. This past week, you played in he rain and enjoyed your first train ride! 

Now that you are a big 11 month old, you decided now would the best time to hold your bottle and feed yourself! I was so excited! And luckily it wasn't a fluke and you prefer to handle your bottle yourself.

You attended your first Texas birthday party this month! Needless to say, you were a party animal! You loved being with your friends and partying it up! 

This has been a fun month! You are much more mobile and have no fear! You'll do whatever it takes to get to where you want to be. I can only imagine you as a walking, talking big boy! 

We love you C-man! 
Momma and Daddy


  1. Happy 11 months little man!
    There is no way that cuteness is naughty. No way at all. :)

  2. Why are our sons growing up so fast?! He really gets cuter by the day!

  3. he is so adorable! he and henry would be great friends i bet :) where did you get his necklace? we want to find one for H.


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