Monday, August 19, 2013

Guest Post - Mice In The Kitchen

Happy Monday! While I'm off being a complete tourist in Colorado, I have some amazing ladies filling in for me. First up, Laura over at Mice In The Kitchen. Mrs. Mouse is a fellow Texan, Mom of 4 (how in the world?) and one of my favorite bloggers. Thanks again Laura for guest blogging! I hope ya'll enjoy!

I am super excited to be your guest post today here at Wife Mommy Me!  Stephanie is someone who I have known and loved for a while and when she asked me to steal a day on her blog...well I jumped at it.  I normally blog over at Mice In The Kitchen which is my dumping ground for all things Me!  I tend to ramble on about my life as a mom of four, I do some fun reviews and my favorite by far is doing giveaways! So you might want to stop by sometime and see what is up for grabs and don't forget to look around and say hello! I would LOVE to have you.

It's been a super long time since I have been to a baby shower....or really a wedding shower too.  I suppose living over 600 miles from family tends to put an end to that.  I do however still get the invitations.  My brothers step son just had a baby..well HE didn't have the baby his girlfriend one day when getting the mail I was greeted by a pink envelope which contained a invitation.  Inside was a little card for me to fill out and return.  It had a bunch of things such as ...I hope you have ______ eyes, I hope you have _______ get the picture here right?  But then it had a blank spot that said "advice for the parents to be".   Hmmmm...advice?  First I am not big on the word advice.  I picture being a kid again and sitting in a chair while my mother angrily stomps around telling me her "advice" to live through the years in her home.  I tend to steer clear of the word seems so condescending.  Kind of like some librarian with her glasses dangling on the end of her nose pointing her finger at me because my library book was late.  You get my point right?  But it was my duty to come up with some "advice" so darn it I was going to give some advice....and it was going to be good...NO ground breaking...the kind that they were so thankful they received my advice because it changed the whole parenting game!  So I started to list everything I could think of in my head. Sadly this was all I could think of:

1.  If you are holding your new baby and it's diaper explodes it is okay to clean yourself off first.  After all they are the one who can't use a potty yet.

2.  When returning the cart at the grocery store....make sure you remove the child before walking back to your car.  Once they start talking you will never have this problem...but by then you may be tempted to walk back to the car with them still in the cart anyway.

3.  Never ask your child "why did you do that" and expect a logical response.

4.  When having a tea party ALWAYS ask "where did this water come from".

5.  When potty training and your child runs up to you to announce they went potty...ask where first...before you congratulate them.

6. Getting a puppy DOES NOT get you ready for kids.  You can't leave your child in the backyard and ask a friend to stop by and let them in after a few hours.  Do you see my point here people?

7. There will be a time...mark my words...when hearing you child yell "mom"  sends chills up your spine.  Don't believe me...have four kids all between the ages of 6 - 13.  You'll know what I mean.

8. You will learn all your bad habits because they will pick up on every single last one.  Even better you wont know they did until you are out in public. My advice...look shocked and say "I have no idea where they learned that."   No one will believe it..but you have to at least try.

9.  If you have pets and one day you find your child pretending to be one of your pets...don't fight it...just go with it.  Trust me it will make for some great pictures and hilarious memories.

And finally....
10.  It's okay to loose your mind...that's when you have the most fun
Again, I want to thank Stephanie for letting me steal her blog today and thank you so much for hanging out with me on Monday!  Please feel free to stop by anytime at Mice In the Kitchen and say hello!


  1. Thank you so much for having me on your blog today! I am thrilled to be here..I hope you enjoy your trip to Colorado! :)

    Laura @ Mice In The Kitchen

  2. This is so hilarious! Number 5 reminds me of that Clorox commercial where the little boy tells his mom he went potty. When she checks the toilet and doesn't she anything she asks where, and he points to the bath tub.

    I can remember my mom always saying that she blamed all my bad habits on my father. "You father taught you that, didn't he?" "I swear, that's your father coming out in you." Uh-huh. Sure Mom, whatever you say!

  3. Laura, you crack me up!!
    You are going to be my go-to mom for EVERYTHING as Marcus grows up. :)


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