Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Colorado: Recap Post 1

Last week, the family took a short work/vacation trip to Colorado. While James was busy at the office, Connor and I played and spent the day discovering. If you follow me on Instragram (stephaniecox11), you know I confessed to loving Colorado over and over again while there. I have never seen such gorgeous landscape. Here is a few photos of our visit.

My boy & I
Look at that belly! Oh and the "tie" and "suspenders".
My heart is so full.

After this shot, he went right towards the water. He totally keeps us on our toes.
Next week, I'll share our day at the aquarium. Yup, another aquarium visit.


  1. beautiful Colorado never gets old to me! love the sun behind the mountain photos! where were you for that? Golden? the little Bowie shirt is precious! :)

  2. What a super fun trip! So glad you two got to tag along! Great pictures of such a sweet family!!

  3. We LOVE Colorado! So much so, we were hoping we could transfer there. Probably not in the next million years, though. Apparently EVERYONE wants to live there!
    The "suspenders" and "tie" - I DIE!!

  4. It looks so beautiful there! I love the shirts with bow ties on them. We have a few!


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