Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Day That Naptime Disappeared

As I write this post, it's almost 10 p.m., I haven't showered today and there is a list of to do's that aren't getting done.

James is out of town on business which leaves me being a "single" parent taking care of Connor J, not to mention 3 high maintenance dogs and one antisocial cat. I use the word "single" loosely as I know what it's like to be a single parent and I'm far from it but on the rare occasion Cox is out of town, it's just me running the show. And let me know, the shit ain't pretty.

Connor did great yesterday and we spent the day running errands and just hanging out. He went to bed at a decent time and slept all night long without waking once. THANK YOU BABY JESUS! He slept late this morning, 8:30 a.m., which allowed me some extra (much needed) beauty rest. We had breakfast, played a little and ran a few errands. He took a nap from 11-2 and I was able to get laundry done and put away, clean the garage up and have lunch without being crawled all over.

But from 2 until about 45 minutes ago, the boy straight out, the Hell with you, ain't happening, no way no how, refused to nap. Do the math. Dude was up for 7 hours!! Now, tell me what almost 9 month old is fun after being awake that long? Umm.. MINE! He just wasn't tired. He played, we had dinner, snacks and he laughed and giggled and just had a blast.

When I tried to put him down for a nap, he literally stuck one arm and one leg through the slates of his crib and screamed bloody murder. Out he went. We returned to his play room and spend the remainder of the evening playing (or counting down until the next feeding, bath time and bed time, just depends on who you ask).

As much as I loved this extra fun, play time with Connor, I needed 9 o'clock to get it with a quickness. I am tired. I've been entertaining Connor for 2 straight days with no breaks. He hasn't been able to go to the daycare at the Y thanks to a bad diaper rash so I literally have been with him for 2 days with no help. Please note, I haven't been able to go to the Y so we've been taking walks outside. In Texas. It's summer. It's damn hot.

Now, don't think I'm ungrateful for the time I have with him or being able to stay at home with him. But let's be honest - we all need a break. Even if it's to just shower or run to the post office solo, heck even pee in peace. Just a moment of silence where you can collect your thoughts and just breath.

So with the time I have to myself tonight, I wrote this post, bitching about a day the nap disappeared. Such a rough life, right? Oh well, I can use my piece of the Internet to complain from time to time. Next, I'm going to finish up some chores because face it, they are exactly that, a chore, shower and go to bed with wet hair (which I love to do).

Tomorrow is going to be better. Little man is going to take 2 great naps, enjoy music time in the morning and not throw a fit when he is in his car seat.

A mom can hope, right?


  1. We're on the brink of a nap transition...moving from 2 to 1. I want to cry. I HATE CHANGES!!! Ha!

    You got this, mama! Tomorrow will be a better day :) Hey, at least he was happy if he was going to awake? Ha!

  2. Ha, I love your two gifs. My husband is a doctor and has weird hours sometimes and I'll definitely feel like a "single" patent. It's hard being with a 12 month old allllll day with no breaks!! And yes she doesn't always take an afternoon nap...that started around the time she was 10 months old. :( you're doing a great job, hang in there.

  3. I think our kids have been secretly chatting. My child thinks 5AM is a perfectly acceptable time to wake. And that 7:30AM is obviously a good time to nap. This leaves us with the predicament of whether or not we're going to nap at all in the afternoon. This leads to me going bat shit crazy until the hubs comes home (which is always a crap shoot as to what time that will actually be). Can we please find a schedule and stick to the damn thing?!!!

  4. I was very sad when Hunter dropped his second nap, though we still get a 2-3 hour one out of him on the weekends it's always right in the middle of the day which makes it hard to do stuff.

  5. Sometimes that happens right? Always amazes me. You did great though!! And survived!


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