Monday, July 8, 2013


Excuse me? How in the world is it July already?? I can't wrap my head around the fact this year is going by so fast. Having a growing, crawling, standing baby boy doesn't help matters any either. Time, please slow the eff down. Thank you.

Life lately has been a lot like 2013, rush, rush. I have spent so much time traveling or hosting out of town visitors that life has been one excitement after another. But finally, all our travels are done. All our friends and family are back in Ohio and we can finally relax. Breath. And maybe even start making Texas feel like home.

It's amazing how quickly time can go by. Before we know it, we are going to be celebrating CJ's first birthday - excuse me while I cry over how fast my baby is growing. Don't worry, I won't cry for too long, a perfect pumpkin patch birthday party won't plan itself.

I can't imagine having a 1 year old. But I won't get to dwell on that for too long because the holidays are going to be upon us quicker than we know it. Connor will get to dress up for his 2nd Halloween this year, followed by his 2nd Thanksgiving and Christmas. Holy heck! 

James and I started dieting Saturday. Although, I don't like calling it dieting. I prefer to call it a lifestyle change but even that doesn't sound right. Simply put we want to be healthier. For ourselves, for Connor and for our future. It won't be long until Connor is eating grown up food and I want to be confident that I'm giving him the right foods. That starts with what I bring into the house to begin with.

I realized something last week...
... at age 28, I got married.
... at age 29, I had a baby.
... at age 30, I moved 1,165 miles away from home.
So that makes me wonder what I will do at 31. I've now challenged myself to do something new, different, out of my comfort zone, just something each year. Who knows what 31 will bring?

Life has been crazy lately. A good kind of crazy though. I got to spend time with my niece and nephew, my best friends stayed with us for a week, my husband is the most supportive and loving man and I get to spend every day with this little monster.


If you've made it this far, you deserve a cookie. This post is a bit random and all over the place. Sorta like our lives with a busy 8 month old. Happy Monday! 


  1. A pumpkin patch party sounds like an absolute BLAST!
    Love that you're challenging yourself to move out of the comfort zone. I need to do this too!!

  2. I can't wait to see what you come up with for his party.

    I've been trying to buy healthier food but it's so damn expensive.

    1. It's so damn expensive. We got a bunch of different things from Whole Foods to try. So far everything has been really tasty but I'm not sure it's worth the cost.

  3. Pumpkin patch birthday party? Amazing! I can't wait to see the details!


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