Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Music with Mar

Today, Connor and I went for Music with Mar at Baby Earth. Music with Mar. is a class where Mommy/Daddy and baby participate together in musical activities. These classes are focused on the four main areas of development – cognitive, social, motor and language. We played with bubbles, pretended to be an alligator and played with sticks, bean bags and shakeable noise making eggs.

Baby Earth has a location in Round Rock. BabyEarth is a baby products retailer, specializing in green products. The store offers a combination of tried-and-true favorites and hard-to-find one of a kind items. The store in Round Rock offers baby gear, nursery items, eco-friendly products, clothing, bath, feeding, health, safety, and tools for playtime and learning. You could drop quite a bit of money in there on some really great items, not to mention the cutest clothes around.

Connor had the best time. I splurged and bought a punch card for 5 visits because he enjoyed it that much. And it gets us out of the house meeting new people, doing new things. Even better, CJ gets to learn new songs and play with fun "instruments".


  1. WHAT FUN!! I've tried to get Marcus interested in music toys. He prefers to simply chuck them. Whomp whomp.

  2. Oh how fun!! We did a music class too before we moved. I need to find one here too - Parker LOVED it! We got to keep the egg shaker from class and it's still a favorite of his! I'm so glad you went and enjoyed it!!


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