Wednesday, July 10, 2013

If you really knew me...

If you really knew me, you'd know that... 
I wear my heart on my sleeve. I'm very sensitive. It's one trait I hate about myself.

I hate flying but love to travel. The destination is always worth the anxiety I experience.
I don't have a bit of fashion sense. I like to just be me, not me in something trendy. 
I laugh at my own jokes. I once fell out of a chair laughing at something I said to my parents.
I leave the house without makeup and my hair is a messy bun 90% of the time. 

I worry. All. The. Time. I worry about people and things and events. I seriously stress myself out far too much. And usually, it's over nothing.

I'm a planner. I like to know everything is planned perfectly with no chance of hiccups. That's why I (basically) planned my own baby shower. I also prefer to plan events months in advance so I know I have the time to make the special day exactly how I want it.

Snickers & Peanut M&M's are my favorite candy.

I've tried and failed to like coffee. Nothing about it do I like.

I prefer to watch a movie in a theater over watching one at the drive-in or at home. I love getting a large over priced bag of popcorn and drink and sitting back and enjoying the show.

I typically just say what's on my mind, without thinking it through. It usually doesn't go well but at least I can say I'm being honest.

My dream job would to be a high school guidance counselor.  

When dining out, I prefer the appetizers to a real dish. Add a sweet dessert and I'm in Heaven.
I fell out of love with my brand new car about 2 months after getting it.

My favorite day of the year is October 1. The 1st of October means I can start celebrating Fall, all my favorites birthdays and each holiday that comes after. 
I love blogging. Some of my favorite people are fellow bloggers.

If I don't have to be somewhere (meeting someone or a doctor's appointment), I tend to sleep in later than I should. It's another habit I'm trying to break.
I prefer reading to watching television.

Lastly, if you were really knew me... you would know I don't take life to seriously...


  1. I prefer apps and dessert to the main dish as well. Always have!

  2. I also wanted to be a high school guidance counselor. I became a teacher instead, which in many ways can be like a counselor. :)

  3. Except for the coffee part I was nodding my head to all of these (especially the no make-up and bun part). :)

  4. Love this! I would way rather go into a movie as well. That's the fun of it! :)

  5. I know you and think you are great!

  6. I super pink puffy heart this post!!! Ok we will go out for appetizers and dessert when we get together! Oh and no coffee :) Do you like starbucks drinks - the ones that taste more like dessert than coffee? I worry too. And I'm a planner. Big time. Also? I laugh at my own jokes too! I think I'm hilarious!! :)

  7. Waayyy nodding my head along too. Apps? Eat them allll daayy loonng. No meal. And I'm way too sensitive. I hate it.


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