Friday, July 12, 2013

Austin - Bucket List

It hasn't taken me long to figure out there is SO. MUCH. TO. DO. in Austin. You can easily be busy every weekend if you have the time (and in my case the energy, sunscreen and babysitter).

I came across this pin here and thought, I should create my own bucket list and see what we've already accomplished as Austinites. Yes, you can be an Austinite along with being a Texan. I will NEVER be a Texan. Always a Buckeye!

I am proud to say my little family of 3 has done quite a bit of exploring!

My goal is to mark each of these items off the list by December 29. That is the 1 year anniversary of us being Texas residents.

And to all the Texans that follow WMM, do you see anything on the list that is a must do? Or do you have any suggestions as to things we should explore?

Hope everyone had a good week! Happy Friday!


  1. I've never been to Austin, but a place I've been DYING to visit. I've heard SO many good things about that city! One of my good friends lives in DFW area and she is always gushing about her awesome trips to Austin.
    Have fun checking off your bucket list!! :)

  2. we just went to barton springs pool for the first time Sunday. Oh my heck my kids HATED it lol. Its REALLY slippery cause the ground is natural rock covered in algae. We had a really hard time just standing in the water without loosing are balance. Scary for when youre holding a baby! Id recommend going with just the hubbs with out the baby.. that way you can go in the deeper water :)
    We should do some of those things on your list together with the families! :)


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