Tuesday, July 30, 2013

7.30.13 - 9 Months


Dear sweet baby boy, this was the roughest month yet. I don't know where to begin so I will just start by telling you how much I love you and even though this was a tough month for me, you are still the very best part of our world, the light of our lives.

You are such a boy. Always on the go, getting into things, discovering something new. It amazes me to think that just a few months ago you were this little babe who was content staying still, in one place. Not any longer. YOU. ARE. ALL. OVER. THE. PLACE! All the time. Often, I can't keep your interest for very long so I pretty much just let you do what you want and tag along. You have discovered that you can stand up and walk up and down the couch. You learned this trick pretty quickly and as much as it makes me a nervous wreck, you look so cute standing up with your chubby little legs, reaching for this or that on the couch.

You are working on tooth # 7 and 8 and they have caused you to be quite a handful. You haven't been sleeping all that well and for a couple of days, totally kicked Momma's butt by not taking an afternoon nap. This week has been better, thank goodness! You aren't as whiny and miserable. Once those teeth break through, you will be back to your normal self for sure. You had to go to the doctor for a bad diaper rash so I know you are gaining weight like crazy. You weigh 19.6 pounds and fit into 6-9 month clothes. There are a few 9 month old pieces that fit you. You are still in a size 2 shoe and 3 diaper. You have grown and changed a lot in the last few months. You are less baby and more big boy.

You are eating baby snacks now and it's so cute to watch you feed yourself. You look so big doing it, it makes Momma's heart ache. You like most foods but absolutely 100% hate peaches, butternut squash, mangoes and corn. You gag and make the worse faces, then refuse to eat anything else. We tried to move you to Stage 3 baby foods but you are not having that either. You scream and throw a fit. I'm thinking that you will do much better with grown-up foods and hope to give you some of those soon.

You completely blew our minds when you said your first word this month: MOMMA! I was so excited. I knew I was your favorite, this is just the proof I needed. We think you say "whoa" now when you drop something or a toy makes a loud noise. It's super cute to hear you say it. I'm working with you to say Papa or Dadda but you just laugh and look around for him. You are much more a cuddlier this month. You never were much for cuddling when you were smaller so I'm taking all the love I can get from you. You also have been a little more interested in sitting on our laps and playing. It's not often but enough to make our hearts melt. And you now clap. All. the. time! You look so cute doing it. Along with clapping, you growl when you crawl or play with us on the floor. That's a habit I taught you but now, I am thinking a growling baby isn't the best. Oh well. You look and sound adorable doing it!

I can't believe you will be 1 year old in 90 days!! This time with you has flown by. As much as we want it to slow down, I know both Daddy and I are excited to watch you grow and become a little person with words and thoughts and opinions. 

We love you Connor. Thank you for teaching Momma a very important lesson in patience this month. Sometimes, the days are long and hard but when you lay your head on my shoulder at bedtime and let me rock you, all the weariness goes away. You are truly the very best part of our lives.

Momma and Daddy


  1. He gets cuter all the time! Happy 9 months Connor!

  2. Hunter's first word was mama too! As it should be! :)

  3. Now that he's cruising you're in a whole new level of "busy!"
    Teething is so hard. Hang in there Momma.
    Happy 9 Months, Connor!


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