Tuesday, July 30, 2013

7.30.13 - 9 Months


Dear sweet baby boy, this was the roughest month yet. I don't know where to begin so I will just start by telling you how much I love you and even though this was a tough month for me, you are still the very best part of our world, the light of our lives.

You are such a boy. Always on the go, getting into things, discovering something new. It amazes me to think that just a few months ago you were this little babe who was content staying still, in one place. Not any longer. YOU. ARE. ALL. OVER. THE. PLACE! All the time. Often, I can't keep your interest for very long so I pretty much just let you do what you want and tag along. You have discovered that you can stand up and walk up and down the couch. You learned this trick pretty quickly and as much as it makes me a nervous wreck, you look so cute standing up with your chubby little legs, reaching for this or that on the couch.

You are working on tooth # 7 and 8 and they have caused you to be quite a handful. You haven't been sleeping all that well and for a couple of days, totally kicked Momma's butt by not taking an afternoon nap. This week has been better, thank goodness! You aren't as whiny and miserable. Once those teeth break through, you will be back to your normal self for sure. You had to go to the doctor for a bad diaper rash so I know you are gaining weight like crazy. You weigh 19.6 pounds and fit into 6-9 month clothes. There are a few 9 month old pieces that fit you. You are still in a size 2 shoe and 3 diaper. You have grown and changed a lot in the last few months. You are less baby and more big boy.

You are eating baby snacks now and it's so cute to watch you feed yourself. You look so big doing it, it makes Momma's heart ache. You like most foods but absolutely 100% hate peaches, butternut squash, mangoes and corn. You gag and make the worse faces, then refuse to eat anything else. We tried to move you to Stage 3 baby foods but you are not having that either. You scream and throw a fit. I'm thinking that you will do much better with grown-up foods and hope to give you some of those soon.

You completely blew our minds when you said your first word this month: MOMMA! I was so excited. I knew I was your favorite, this is just the proof I needed. We think you say "whoa" now when you drop something or a toy makes a loud noise. It's super cute to hear you say it. I'm working with you to say Papa or Dadda but you just laugh and look around for him. You are much more a cuddlier this month. You never were much for cuddling when you were smaller so I'm taking all the love I can get from you. You also have been a little more interested in sitting on our laps and playing. It's not often but enough to make our hearts melt. And you now clap. All. the. time! You look so cute doing it. Along with clapping, you growl when you crawl or play with us on the floor. That's a habit I taught you but now, I am thinking a growling baby isn't the best. Oh well. You look and sound adorable doing it!

I can't believe you will be 1 year old in 90 days!! This time with you has flown by. As much as we want it to slow down, I know both Daddy and I are excited to watch you grow and become a little person with words and thoughts and opinions. 

We love you Connor. Thank you for teaching Momma a very important lesson in patience this month. Sometimes, the days are long and hard but when you lay your head on my shoulder at bedtime and let me rock you, all the weariness goes away. You are truly the very best part of our lives.

Momma and Daddy

Monday, July 29, 2013

Some of My Favorites

While getting things ready for our road trip to NOLA this week, I realized there are some beauty items I've been using for quite some time. My go to products that I must always have, ones that I won't trade for any other.

I don't have a very intensive beauty regimen. I also don't spend a lot of money on high end items. Here are a few of my favorites.

I have been using CoverGirl loose powder since I can remember. It's light and provides just enough coverage.

Bath and Body Works body sprays give me enough fragrance without being overpowering. I usually wear a body spray throughout the week, when I'm most causal. When I dress up or go out, I use a perfume. My favorite is Marc Jacobs Daisy.

St.Ives facial scrub has been a constant in my life since I was in junior high. Easily, 16 years. It's a great scrub to help remove any extra dirt and oils. The scrub is gentle enough to use daily, which I do. There are multiple scrubs to choose from but I like the blemish and blackhead control. It is amazing.

In regards to lips, I don't like anything that is scented or colored. It dries my lips out. I can't wear lipstick or lip gloss because the day after, my lips are dry and chapped. I only use Carmex and prefer the tube shown as opposed to the chap-stick option. You have to be careful or your lips can get a little greasy with Carmex but it leaves behind a smooth, soft lip when you use it regularly.

Avon's Mark "Get a Tint" is the newest member to my makeup bag. Before moving to Texas, I wore a much thicker foundation. With the Texas heat and sun, something light with an SPF was needed. Get a Tint offers enough coverage to make me feel comfortable with my skin yet is light and mostly fragrance free.

Olay Complete is amazing. It provides enough moisture to keep my skin healthy yet doesn't make my already oily skin oilier. It offers SPF 15 protection and is available in 3 different lotions, depending on your skin type.

Lastly, we have my all time favorite eye liner. This is also the most expensive piece of makeup I own. Smashbox Limitless Eye Liner is easy to apply and lasts all day. I wear black and can use a heavier hand to make a more dominant eye or a little stroke and a little smudging makes for a softer look. I've used just about every eye liner out there and hands down, this is the best.

So there you have it. Some of my favorites. I use each of these daily (IF I get a chance to put makeup on) and they each are budget friendly. With the exception of the body sprays, I can get everything from Ulta through Ebates, making it even less expensive to look fab.

Friday, July 26, 2013

The Next Picasso

Last weekend, I had the "grand" idea to have Connor finger paint his first piece of artwork. The finished product isn't all that pretty but the time we spent watching Connor discover this new activity was absolutely perfect. He had a blast and J and I enjoy having a piece of Connor J. Cox artwork!

I placed his one of kind, "beautiful" piece of artwork on James' nightstand. It's not all that pretty but our baby boy made it so it's all that more special.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Parents Can Have Fun Too

On Monday, I shared a little bit of the fun CJ and Mae had while she was visiting with her parents. Don't you worry, us big kids had just as much fun.

1~ The Underwood's enjoying lunch at Lucy's in Austin. 
2~ Mark and Macie after the Shamu show at SeaWorld. They sat up front and got a little wet.
3~ My favorite people minus C enjoying the fireworks on the 4th.
4~ My little family. Look at C? He could not take his eyes off the fireworks show.
5~ Lady Friend For Life
6~ Daddy, C and Elmo. Connor was over all the excitement. 
7~  The girls at Pink Pistol.
8~ A quick family photo shoot.
9~ We are fools. Happy fools!

Our time with the Underwoods went by way too quickly. I can't wait to see them again in October when we are celebrating Connor James' FIRST BIRTHDAY!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Music with Mar

Today, Connor and I went for Music with Mar at Baby Earth. Music with Mar. is a class where Mommy/Daddy and baby participate together in musical activities. These classes are focused on the four main areas of development – cognitive, social, motor and language. We played with bubbles, pretended to be an alligator and played with sticks, bean bags and shakeable noise making eggs.

Baby Earth has a location in Round Rock. BabyEarth is a baby products retailer, specializing in green products. The store offers a combination of tried-and-true favorites and hard-to-find one of a kind items. The store in Round Rock offers baby gear, nursery items, eco-friendly products, clothing, bath, feeding, health, safety, and tools for playtime and learning. You could drop quite a bit of money in there on some really great items, not to mention the cutest clothes around.

Connor had the best time. I splurged and bought a punch card for 5 visits because he enjoyed it that much. And it gets us out of the house meeting new people, doing new things. Even better, CJ gets to learn new songs and play with fun "instruments".

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Day That Naptime Disappeared

As I write this post, it's almost 10 p.m., I haven't showered today and there is a list of to do's that aren't getting done.

James is out of town on business which leaves me being a "single" parent taking care of Connor J, not to mention 3 high maintenance dogs and one antisocial cat. I use the word "single" loosely as I know what it's like to be a single parent and I'm far from it but on the rare occasion Cox is out of town, it's just me running the show. And let me know, the shit ain't pretty.

Connor did great yesterday and we spent the day running errands and just hanging out. He went to bed at a decent time and slept all night long without waking once. THANK YOU BABY JESUS! He slept late this morning, 8:30 a.m., which allowed me some extra (much needed) beauty rest. We had breakfast, played a little and ran a few errands. He took a nap from 11-2 and I was able to get laundry done and put away, clean the garage up and have lunch without being crawled all over.

But from 2 until about 45 minutes ago, the boy straight out, the Hell with you, ain't happening, no way no how, refused to nap. Do the math. Dude was up for 7 hours!! Now, tell me what almost 9 month old is fun after being awake that long? Umm.. MINE! He just wasn't tired. He played, we had dinner, snacks and he laughed and giggled and just had a blast.

When I tried to put him down for a nap, he literally stuck one arm and one leg through the slates of his crib and screamed bloody murder. Out he went. We returned to his play room and spend the remainder of the evening playing (or counting down until the next feeding, bath time and bed time, just depends on who you ask).

As much as I loved this extra fun, play time with Connor, I needed 9 o'clock to get it with a quickness. I am tired. I've been entertaining Connor for 2 straight days with no breaks. He hasn't been able to go to the daycare at the Y thanks to a bad diaper rash so I literally have been with him for 2 days with no help. Please note, I haven't been able to go to the Y so we've been taking walks outside. In Texas. It's summer. It's damn hot.

Now, don't think I'm ungrateful for the time I have with him or being able to stay at home with him. But let's be honest - we all need a break. Even if it's to just shower or run to the post office solo, heck even pee in peace. Just a moment of silence where you can collect your thoughts and just breath.

So with the time I have to myself tonight, I wrote this post, bitching about a day the nap disappeared. Such a rough life, right? Oh well, I can use my piece of the Internet to complain from time to time. Next, I'm going to finish up some chores because face it, they are exactly that, a chore, shower and go to bed with wet hair (which I love to do).

Tomorrow is going to be better. Little man is going to take 2 great naps, enjoy music time in the morning and not throw a fit when he is in his car seat.

A mom can hope, right?

Monday, July 22, 2013

Connor & Macie's Texas Retreat

Over the 4th of July holiday, Connor's lady love (and my best friend) and her parents came to stay with us in Texas for a week. To say that I was so excited to see my people is the biggest understatement of the year. I miss Mark and Kari so much. When we lived in Ohio, they were literally 7 minutes away from us and I spent 2-3 days a week with them. They are our best friends and needless to say, seeing them for a week in Texas was the highlight of my summer.

Connor and Macie got to spend some time together and I think it's safe to say the couple really enjoyed having some time to themselves.

1~ C and Mae got to spend Connor's first 4th together. Aren't they just the cutest? 
2~ Connor enjoyed being pushed around the Oklahoma City Memorial. Such a rough life. 
3~ On the way to SeaWorld, the two of them did a little hand holding.
 4~ How awesome is this photo? Girlfriend is a riot. 
5~ Bath time fun for everyone - their first together.
6~ Little guy loved seeing the dolphins. He really enjoyed his first SeaWorld adventure. 
7~ I had the best company on the ride to San Antonio. 
8~ Macie is such a little doll. She is all girl with her dress, sunhat and fan!
 9~ The babes showing off their American pride.

Both families had a great time together. Check back later this week to see how wild and crazy the parents got!

Happy Monday, folks!

Thursday, July 18, 2013


Insecurity is something everyone deals with. I don't think there is a woman out there who isn't insecure about something in her life. Personally, I struggle with my fair share of insecurities, namely, my weight and how others perceive me. I know I could stand to lose a few pounds, I don't need someone to point that out to me. And I want to be liked by others. I want to be part of something. I don't know why I have this need to belong but I do.

The minute I became a mom, all that changed. The insecurities that I've been dealing with literally disappeared. Frankly, I don't have time to worry about what others are thinking or feeling about me. I need to focus on my son. Raising a strong and happy guy.

Don't get me wrong. The before mentioned insecurities have been replaced with different insecurities. Insecurity as a mother. The daily worries about if I'm doing enough for our son. Is he developing on track? Should we spend more time playing and less time allowing him to play by himself? And what is it that I'm supposed to be teaching him at this point? Am I picking him up too often when he whines? When he cries at night, should I go to his room immediately and comfort him or let him soothe himself? 
Guilt trickles in when he is awake and playing and I'm checking blogs, reading or catching up on shows. I try to comfort myself by saying independent play is good for him. I remember thinking I would read to him so much more than I do but it's hard when he is more interested in attacking the book and eating the pages instead of listening to the story. I feel like a bad parent when I use Barney or Super Why as a 30 minute baby sitter so I can get ready for the day. 
You get the picture. I feel like it's a daily inner battle. One that I think I may lose more often than not. I'm always questioning myself as a mother. If I were to look deep inside myself, I would know that there is nothing else I could do to provide Connor with more. In just two simple days, I taught the fella to clap. And now, every occasion deserves some clapping in our house. Also, he growls when we play and crawl on the floor together. Something else Momma taught him. It's a bit funny to hear him crawl around, growling. And as long as he doesn't go to play dates and growl like a bear at the other kids, I think it's quite alright to having a crawling, clapping growling baby boy. 
I guess what I am saying is I need to cut myself some slack. I need to forget what others do with their babies and worry about my own. There is no need to compare our life to those we see on Facebook or Instagram. I have a wonderful son, who has a Momma that gives 110%, all day every day. And that is more than enough.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

So What! Wednesday

It's So What! Wednesday.
Which should be read as "You've got to be kidding me? It's only Wednesday!?"

Here is what I'm saying So What! to this week:
  • Connor has completely drained me of any desire to do anything thanks to his nightly 3 a.m. crib parties and 6:30 a.m. wake-up calls.
  • My parents and niece and nephew are coming to visit in September and I'm worried that they will melt and die from the Texas heat. It's a real bitch, folks.
  • I exaggerate way too much.
  • I stopped following a few bloggers because I couldn't take another post about how hot and awesome they are. Get over yourself.
  • James says Connor doesn't need a birthday party in Texas since we are having one in Ohio. 
  • My husband is a fool sometimes.
  • Getting curtains for 3 of the rooms in our home made me the happiest girl in Target last night at 9:30.
  • I have a to do list as long as my arm and I find myself doing everything BUT what's on my list.
  • Having your own graphic designer is the bomb. Not to mention saves you tons of moolah.
  • I haven't used my camera in weeks. 
  • Sometimes staying in pajamas all day makes me feel better about not leaving the house. I mean, I can't leave the house in pajamas. And Lord knows, I can't change, either.
  • I needed a Diet Coke so badly yesterday, that I put a diaper only wearing Connor in his car seat so that I could get to Del Taco as quickly as humanly possible. 
  • I clearly have problems.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

It's Worth It

Parenting. Dear Lord, does it get tough. Just when you think you have it figured out, reality smacks you in the face with a Chuck truck and you are reminded of one simple fact: a diaper wearing, ball licking, slobbery eight and half month controls you. No two ways about it.

Let me say - Connor is a good baby. He is. For those of you who see Connor, you know that when I say he is the happiest, smiliest, most friendliest baby ever it's 100% true. He loves everyone and the feeling is mutual. Seriously. Going to the grocery store is a task. I can't tell you the last time I was able to make it through Target without having 5 different people stop and talk to us, mostly Connor. I post lots of photos on Facebook and Instagram of him smiling, laughing and clapping and that is the real Connor. He is darn near perfect. And we are blessed.

But like all parents, we know that for every part cute and fun, there are equal parts tantrums, tears and moments when I am at my whits end. Connor has recently decided to wake up every night for the past week in a half, ready to play at 4 a.m. In case you didn't know, Momma ain't down with that. I am trying to incorporate Stage 3 foods into his diet, which has gone over like a lead balloon, covered in said Stage 3 foods. C has mastered the art of crawling and standing, which leaves me in constant wonder of when he is going to hurt himself again. And changing his clothes and diapers? It's like wrestling a 20 pound monkey covered in baby oil.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that sometimes I do feel frustrated. I get flustered. Things aren't going as planned for this planning Momma. Sometimes this house is a complete disaster, laundry is piling up with no end in sight, dinner gets burnt, my husband comes home later from work than expected and dinner then gets a little cold and I'm so tired, I wonder how I'm going to keep pushing through until nap or bed time, but I DON'T CARE.

Life is what I make it, and the little hiccups in life are not even close to worth fretting over or comparing myself to others wondering if their life is more glamorous. More perfect. More put together.

I get now why, when I call my mom saying, "What do I do?" she says she can't remember us ever going through these things. All she remembers is the good times. At first I thought she'd lost it, but now I get it. Now, I don't give a crap about keeping up with the Jones'...I've got too many Coxes to take care of...too many Coxes moments to savor...too many Coxes mishaps to look back on and laugh at later when this house isn't quite so chaotic. Isn't quite so fun. Isn't quite so NOW.

I, too, struggle along with every other mother. But when I'm laying in bed at the end of a long day filled with tears, screams and clothes covered in slobber, formula and baby food, I know one thing. It's all worth it.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Austin - Bucket List

It hasn't taken me long to figure out there is SO. MUCH. TO. DO. in Austin. You can easily be busy every weekend if you have the time (and in my case the energy, sunscreen and babysitter).

I came across this pin here and thought, I should create my own bucket list and see what we've already accomplished as Austinites. Yes, you can be an Austinite along with being a Texan. I will NEVER be a Texan. Always a Buckeye!

I am proud to say my little family of 3 has done quite a bit of exploring!

My goal is to mark each of these items off the list by December 29. That is the 1 year anniversary of us being Texas residents.

And to all the Texans that follow WMM, do you see anything on the list that is a must do? Or do you have any suggestions as to things we should explore?

Hope everyone had a good week! Happy Friday!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

If you really knew me...

If you really knew me, you'd know that... 
I wear my heart on my sleeve. I'm very sensitive. It's one trait I hate about myself.

I hate flying but love to travel. The destination is always worth the anxiety I experience.
I don't have a bit of fashion sense. I like to just be me, not me in something trendy. 
I laugh at my own jokes. I once fell out of a chair laughing at something I said to my parents.
I leave the house without makeup and my hair is a messy bun 90% of the time. 

I worry. All. The. Time. I worry about people and things and events. I seriously stress myself out far too much. And usually, it's over nothing.

I'm a planner. I like to know everything is planned perfectly with no chance of hiccups. That's why I (basically) planned my own baby shower. I also prefer to plan events months in advance so I know I have the time to make the special day exactly how I want it.

Snickers & Peanut M&M's are my favorite candy.

I've tried and failed to like coffee. Nothing about it do I like.

I prefer to watch a movie in a theater over watching one at the drive-in or at home. I love getting a large over priced bag of popcorn and drink and sitting back and enjoying the show.

I typically just say what's on my mind, without thinking it through. It usually doesn't go well but at least I can say I'm being honest.

My dream job would to be a high school guidance counselor.  

When dining out, I prefer the appetizers to a real dish. Add a sweet dessert and I'm in Heaven.
I fell out of love with my brand new car about 2 months after getting it.

My favorite day of the year is October 1. The 1st of October means I can start celebrating Fall, all my favorites birthdays and each holiday that comes after. 
I love blogging. Some of my favorite people are fellow bloggers.

If I don't have to be somewhere (meeting someone or a doctor's appointment), I tend to sleep in later than I should. It's another habit I'm trying to break.
I prefer reading to watching television.

Lastly, if you were really knew me... you would know I don't take life to seriously...

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Bye Bye Baby Weight

Baby Weight.
I honestly didn't it think it would be as hard as it has been to lose.
In the past when I wanted to lose weight, I would cut calories and workout a few times a week. But between working part time from home, being home with a baby, traveling and having visitors and trying to make Texas home, I haven't really been focusing on me and my health like I had planned. I soon realized, I needed to find the right balance. The balance between keeping the house in order, spending good quality time with Connor and James, making new friends in Texas, not overeating, making healthy choices and getting my exercise in. Not to mention stop making excuses and JUST DO IT.

Do you see how much I am juggling? I needed to figure out the best way to be good to myself all the while taking care of my other responsibilities and roles.

Finally, 8 months later I have finally found that balance. In the last 4 days, I've made lots of changes. I am watching my calorie intake and working out daily. Sometimes, it's a simple walk around the neighborhood with my boys or a 90 minute sweat session at the gym.

You might be thinking, Stephanie, it's only been 4 days. But in those short 4 days, I've noticed a difference. Today, I feel better than I did last Friday. I may not be back at my pre pregnancy weight like I had hoped to be months ago but I am happy with where I am going. My clothes are starting to feel a bit looser. And I'm down a half a pound. Not much right? But every half pound ends up being a pound. 

I'm happy with my progress and I am proud of myself.

Monday, July 8, 2013


Excuse me? How in the world is it July already?? I can't wrap my head around the fact this year is going by so fast. Having a growing, crawling, standing baby boy doesn't help matters any either. Time, please slow the eff down. Thank you.

Life lately has been a lot like 2013, rush, rush. I have spent so much time traveling or hosting out of town visitors that life has been one excitement after another. But finally, all our travels are done. All our friends and family are back in Ohio and we can finally relax. Breath. And maybe even start making Texas feel like home.

It's amazing how quickly time can go by. Before we know it, we are going to be celebrating CJ's first birthday - excuse me while I cry over how fast my baby is growing. Don't worry, I won't cry for too long, a perfect pumpkin patch birthday party won't plan itself.

I can't imagine having a 1 year old. But I won't get to dwell on that for too long because the holidays are going to be upon us quicker than we know it. Connor will get to dress up for his 2nd Halloween this year, followed by his 2nd Thanksgiving and Christmas. Holy heck! 

James and I started dieting Saturday. Although, I don't like calling it dieting. I prefer to call it a lifestyle change but even that doesn't sound right. Simply put we want to be healthier. For ourselves, for Connor and for our future. It won't be long until Connor is eating grown up food and I want to be confident that I'm giving him the right foods. That starts with what I bring into the house to begin with.

I realized something last week...
... at age 28, I got married.
... at age 29, I had a baby.
... at age 30, I moved 1,165 miles away from home.
So that makes me wonder what I will do at 31. I've now challenged myself to do something new, different, out of my comfort zone, just something each year. Who knows what 31 will bring?

Life has been crazy lately. A good kind of crazy though. I got to spend time with my niece and nephew, my best friends stayed with us for a week, my husband is the most supportive and loving man and I get to spend every day with this little monster.


If you've made it this far, you deserve a cookie. This post is a bit random and all over the place. Sorta like our lives with a busy 8 month old. Happy Monday! 

Friday, July 5, 2013

Stay True

Blogging is very personal. 
The reasons we blog range. When starting out as a blogger (I use that phrase loosely), I just wanted to write. To express myself. To share my world with those who aren't close enough to see us often. Write to clear my mind and heart. Some of those reasons still exist, while I've branched out and grown a bit, too.
One person may write about family, while another writes about health and fitness.
One might write about heartbreak while others write about their plans of marriage and the perfect wedding.
Someone may share their love story, while another may blog about losing a love.
My point is...we are all different. The most important thing...let your blog be a reflection of YOU.

There are NO guidelines or rules. Anything goes.

You want to have sponsors? Have at it.
You want to have a giveaway every day to bring folks to your blog? Great! Give til you can't give any more.
You want to write about what you would do with 7 minutes in Heaven with Ryan Gosling. WRITE AWAY (with as much dirty detail as you can. Pictures would be appreciated).

You want to participate in nothing but link-ups and giveaways? Why not? They are a great way to get to know other bloggers. 
One of my favorite Dr. Seuss quotes sums it up nicely...

Always, always, stay true to the reasons you started blogging in the first place. 

This is my family's piece of the internet world. Where I can share my every day joys of being a wife and Momma. A place to just be myself. Where I can bitch if I want to, share my ridiculous attempts at crafting and try to keep it as real as possible. 
After all, it is my space.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

So What! Wednesday

So What! Wednesday is one of my favorite type of posts.
Nothing better than getting a few things off your chest.

Remember to link up with Mommy Dew
Here are my So What's! this week...

  • when on vacation, I'm super lazy with my hair and makeup. I just get up and go. Makes for some interesting pictures of myself later.
  • SeaWorld was fabulous and I'm still amazed out how every day people train such amazing animals. How cool is that job?
  • spending a week with my best friend has been one of the best weeks of my life.
  • I finally ordered a monogram shirt for Connor. His first and maybe last, depending on how cheesy he looks in it.
  • When this lovely lady and I exchanged phone numbers, my heart fluttered a little. I officially have my very own BBF. 
  • Connor's 1st birthday party planning is underway. 4 months to go, lots to do!
  • I always thought I would be the Mom who had her child wear a certain special outfit for each holiday but that shit gets expensive. A simple onesie from Target gets the job done just fine.
  • Giving up soda, especially Diet Coke is impossible. How did I manage before without it?
  • Barney has the best music. Most songs are educational. I try to remember them so I can sing them to Connor. The ABC's and Twinkle Twinkle were getting old. Thanks Barney! 
  • Buying curtains for our house is the highlight of my month. It's the simple things!
Remember to visit Shannon and tell us what you are saying So What! to this week! 

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

6.30.12 - 8 Months


How is it possible that we will be celebrating your 1st birthday in (a very short) 4 months? The last 8 months have flown by and it's safe to say, we now have our hands full more than ever before.

How cute are you mister?! I can say getting you to sit still long enough for a photo took a lot of work. You are ALWAYS. ON. THE. MOVE. I can't believe how quickly you started crawling, not to mention how FAST you are. You move so quickly, it's hard for Momma to keep you in one place. You look so much older to me this month. Less baby and more big boy. I am searching high and low for a way to slow time down so I can enjoy you being a baby but time is not in my favor. Before I know it, you won't be a little baby but Momma's big boy.

We haven't been back to the doctor since your 6 month check-up but I think it's safe to say you are close to 19 pounds now. You have grown so much, I'm sure you are a good 1-2 inches taller as well. You are now wearing 6-9 month clothing. Which is fun for me since some of my favorite outfits I have for you are your summer pieces. We started weaning you off on your acid reflux medicine. You get 2 doses instead of 3 and you are doing so good. I think it's safe to say that all the solid food you love is helping, too. You LOVE vegetables. Most days, you prefer those to fruits which makes me hope you will always have a fondness for veggies. You will not hold your bottle and have no interest in a sippy cup. I stressed over this for a bit but realized when you are ready, you will start doing it. You also have little to no interest in feeding yourself puffs or yogurt bites. I can put them in your hand but that's about as far as you are willing to go. Again, when your ready for snacks, you'll let me know.

The big news in your world is that you now have 6 TEETH!! Yes, 6! You went from cutting 2 last month to having 2 bottom AND 4 top. I can't believe how quickly they have came in. The best part? You don't seem to mind them at all. With the exception of a few times when you've been fussy, you have taken teething like a champ. Thank you sweet boy. You are not a fan of the taste of oral gel so we don't use that at all. Usually wearing your amber necklace and a couple teething tablets does the trick. I think it's safe to say you will have a full mouth by your 1st birthday.

Your sleeping schedule has been a bit chaotic lately. You don't nap as long as you once did and you wake up from time to time at night. I'm hoping it's just a phase and that you will be back to your old self soon. You don't ever seem to be grumpy because of it so that's nice. 

You are still the happiest baby. Especially now that you can explore and discover new things. I find myself telling you no a lot these days because you think EVERYTHING needs to make it to your mouth. You might not understand some things but you get the message, loud and clear when I tell you no. Such a good boy. Although that will only last for so long! You are "talking" much more these days. You haven't said your first word yet but you chatter a lot. Daddy and I laugh at the crazy sounds you make. It's fun to listen to you entertain yourself from the back of the car.

Connor J, you are something else. Perfect in every little way. A blessing we couldn't do without. Daddy and I love you and the time we've spent with you thus far has been the most amazing 8 months of our lives. As much as I look forward to seeing where the next 4 months takes us, I'd like you to stay our little boy a little longer. I can't help but think I am one lucky Momma to have the chance to love you. You are one of kind C and thank God every day for choosing us to be your parents.

Momma and Papa love you. To the moon and back!