Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Zumba - 1, Stephanie - 0

Before getting pregnant in February 2012, I had spent 8 months working my ass off to shed some pounds. I counted calories using MyFitnessPal (username eightohtwo), took weekly walks and did Zumba twice a week. All the hard work paid off; I lost 30 pounds.

The moment I started Zumba, I was hooked. The hour workout went by ridiculously fast, leaving me sweaty and sore (in a good way), not to mention having burned anywhere between 450-900 calories. On average, I could expect to burn about 600-700 calories a session. Not only was I burning calories like nobody's business, I started really slimming down. I could see the difference the high tempo workout was making with my body. Especially my thighs, hips and stomach.

When we found out were expected, I was nervous to continue Zumba. For me, the hour session was go hard or go home. I decided to walk and started water aerobics instead. Now that I have refocused my energy on getting fit and have some amazing goals set to achieve this year, I decided to attend Zumba again.

Holy shit! I am much more out of shape than I ever realized. Yes, I can take 2 hour walks with girlfriends but ask me to shake my ass to a insanely quick Latin tune and I'm toast. As much as I wanted to quit (after just 15 minutes) and get Connor from the nursery, I decided it was do or die. Which, quite frankly, was die or die in my case.

An hour later, sweat dripping off of every part of my body, with a heart rate through the roof, I finished my first 60 minute Zumba workout.

Now, 2 hours later, I am proud of myself for sticking it out. For doing something for myself for one hour, even if it was painful and pretty uncoordinated.

So this round goes to Zumba, the Latin bitch you handed me my ass. Thursday morning, she's mine!


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