Thursday, June 6, 2013

That's What {Blog} Friends Are For

As some of you know, I am super frugal. I try hard to save money every where I can. Being a household with one income, I do my best to save money, cutting corners here and there. So when I need to find a new product, I don't want to waste my time or money on something I am going to hate. And let's face it, returning things isn't always the easiest, especially with a 7 month old in tow.

That's why I am turning to you ladies (and James - he is the only male that reads this blog. Hi honey!). I have a few things I am looking for and maybe you have a product you love and can suggestion.

Here is what I am looking to shop for:
  • Body scrub - I've notice the tops of my feet and knees are dryer than normal. Any suggestions for a good body scrub that really exfoliates?
  • A vitamin for hair, skin and nails - I still take a prenatal vitamin. I have for 6 years. But I'm looking for something that really focuses on hair. I have some layers and would like to grow them out without having to cut my hair to the shortest layer to make my hair one length. 
  • Workout gear - in particular, shorts and tops. Because of the heat here in Texas, I need to find good shorts I can walk/run and Zumba in. Not to mention tops that don't move and aren't too thick.
  • Eye makeup remover - If I wear eye makeup, I use both mascara and eyeliner, both in black. The remover I use now doesn't seem to get it all off, before or after I shower. 
  • Book suggestions - I usually pick the free books available on Kindle but would love some suggestions of books ya'll love. It's okay if they aren't free, I can pick them up at the RR Library.
  • Indoor activities for kids - on Saturday, our niece (11) and nephew (15) are coming to stay with us for 3 weeks. Seeing as it's hot as hell outside these days, I need to think of some fun, indoor activities I can do with them.
You can leave your suggestions in the comment spot or email me directly at!

Happy Friday Eve, folks!

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