Friday, June 14, 2013


Life. Lately it's been a bit of a witch.. Honestly.

The last week has tested me in a number of ways.

As mentioned before, our niece, 10, and nephew, 15, are visiting from Ohio and staying with us for 3 weeks. To be frank, I was worried about how I was going to handle the added responsibility as James would be working and it would be my job to entertain them (along with a very active crawling 7.5 month old). 6 days in and I'm exhausted. While both are good kids, they challenge me in every way possible. One likes this, one doesn't. One complains of the heat while the other one talks non friggin' stop. I guess this is what I have to look forward to, right? Kids are a challenge, regardless of age and managing a house with 3 kids had taught me that I am not equipped to be anything more than a mother of 1.

Connor, the happy baby you see on FB and Instagram, is still just that. Happy. All the time. He is a true blessing on some of the roughest days. However, he has started this annoying habit of crying when I leave the room. I know I should appreciate that he wants his Momma, for there will be a day when he is too cool for me, but damn! I just gotta pee. C has also decided he is a big boy and wants to explore by pulling up on everything and climbing over and under any piece of furniture in the room. As much as I love watching him discover new things/talents, I wonder what it would take for him just to be still for 10 minutes (especially when I'm dressing him or changing his diaper). And when he falls and hurts him self, I wonder if just maybe this time he will learn that what goes up, must come down. Needless to say, we are in the awkward period where he isn't just a crawler yet he isn't strong or coordinated enough to stand. Bring on the bumps and bruises!

Additionally, there has been some family drama back in Ohio. For once in the last 5 months, I can say I am so happy to not be there. As much as I want to insert my opinion, these matters don't include me and it's best to stay out. Which is hard for me. Not because I'm nosey (which I am; terribly so) but because voicing my feelings would only add fuel to a fire that is already out of control. My big sister and only daughter emotions aren't going to help matters so it's best I butt out. For once.

I can't seem to do all I want to in a single given day. I'm pretty good at time management and multitasking but I can honestly say, there are multiple parts of my life that are lacking attention. Something has to give. I just need to figure out what.  

And lastly, I've been feeling like shit lately. I've been having the worse stomach pains after I eat. The bizarre part is it's only when I eat anything tomato based. Unfortunately, some of my favorite foods include tomatoes - pizza, spaghetti and chili. Not to mention the ONLY condiment I like is ketchup. I got some OTC medicine to see if it helps and I've made an appointment for Monday to see what the doctor thinks.  In the meantime, adios to my favorite meals and condiment.

As I end this post, I realize that my problems aren't really problems at all. It's just life. And sometimes it's uncomfortable and a total pain in the ass.

But I have a roof over my head, food to nourish my body, a husband that adores me, the cutest son in all of Texas and friends and family that care.

So really, who am I to complain?

Have a good weekend! See ya'll Monday!

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  1. For the tummy troubles, try gluten free for a week or so. Has changed our lives! I wish Parker Bear would start crawling!! His 1 yr appt is today and I'm excited (nervous) to see what our dr says. Sorry about the family drama... I'm super nosy too and love the details which then leads me directly to solving everyone's probs for them


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