Friday, June 21, 2013

Sweet sweet Summer!

It's summer time!! Bronzed skin, pretty painted toes and enough sunshine to make the even the grumpiest of people happy. Although, I'm about to embark on my first Texas summer, I am looking forward to spending the days poolside and wearing as little clothing as possible. Please note, that's not because I am bringing sexy back but because I live in a inferno.

To kick off summer solstice (just what I need, extra time in the Texas god forsaken heat), I am vowing to enjoy my first summer in the Lonestar State. And what better why to keep me enjoying myself than some a few summer must dos!

1. Host a summer themed MNI party. What better why to celebrate summer than to get together with a few of my favorite Moms to enjoy a night in sans husbands and babes. From tiki bar to wild wild west BBQ to a fun luau, the options are endless.

2. Spend one weekend day each week exploring Austin and our neighboring cities. Texas is full of activity and I want to really "get to know" where I live. James and I love festivals and have been to a handful already. We recently toured the capital building (post to come) and I can't believe how much I learned from that visit. I also want to find a really good local farmer's market.

3. Tanlines. As of I need to put this on the list BUT I shall. Connor and I, hubby too, need to spend at least one day a week soaking up some sun! We now reside in the land of pools and splash pads. I must make use of each. and. every. one. of. them.

4. Health and beauty. What better time of year to focus on getting my body how I have always wanted it. It's so important to love yourself. Weekly Zumba sessions and walks/runs are now marked on the calendar! And what better way to accomplish goal #3 than to work up a sweat on the neighborhood walking paths. Don't worry, I wear sunscreen. Cancer is a bitch and she ain't welcomed here.

5. Decorate our home! Since it does get mighty warm in these parts, I can't spend all my time outside. Nor do I want to. What better why to spend some time indoors than decorating? Our master bedroom needs all kinds of TLC. Like stat. And there isn't a single window treatment in this place. Totally unacceptable.

Happy first day of Summer loves! And better yet - HAPPY FRIDAY!

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