Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

In honor of Father's Day, I asked James to answer some questions about being a father. I got the idea from this week's US Weekly. 

Happy Father's Day, Foxy Coxy. I hope you know much Con and I love you.

The best part of being a dad is... For right now it's two things.  The first is knowing that when Connor smiles at me, I am doing something to make him happy.  Whether it's singing the Honey Bear Song or just saying hello to him.  He seems to find happiness in the simple things I do for him.  The second is that being a Dad has brought Stephanie and I closer together and that's always a good thing.

I'm glad Stephanie didn't Instagram that!.. I don't enjoy having my picture taken at all, so really anything she doesn't Instagram with me in it, is cool with me.  I do really enjoy how she is documenting Connor's life in pictures.  I look forward to sitting down with him later and telling him the stories.
How I hope he takes after me...  I've always been a natural leader and it has taken me to good places. 

How I hope he takes after Momma...  Stephanie has so many desirable attributes, it's hard to pick just one.  I would say her patience and her ability to go with the flow.  I have trouble with both of these.

The trait I hope he doesn't get from me...  My eating habits.

The most important lesson I will teach my child...  Two things.  People will remember the kindness you show them.  Live life to the fullest, you'll never look back and regret trying something fun or exciting.  You'll never look back and say, I wish I would have stayed home more or spent more time on the computer.  Get out and see the world!

What I learned about myself after I became a dad...  All of my bad habits seem worse now.  I need to get rid of them before Connor is old enough to pick them up.

I can't wait to teach my son...  How to Dougie.  Really, how to count.  One of my fondest memories as a child is how my grandmother always counted with me.  She would say 1, I would say 2 and so on.  I look forward to reliving this with Connor.  I also look forward to instilling a passion to read.

I'm better at singing Honey Bear than Mom.

Mom is better at pretty much everything else than me.

I look forward to when Connor is old enough to...  Share his thoughts with me.  I am so interested to see what his personality will bring to the world.

When he gets older, my son will probably be embarrassed by... by constant sarcasm.  See my comments from the previous question "what I learned about myself after becoming a dad,"  Hopefully, I can get better at this and he won't be embarrassed.

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  1. Love this!!!! So sweet. Your honey is a hoot! Yes, I hope to drop a few habits too...


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