Friday, June 28, 2013

10 Ideas for Mom's Night Out

Being a stay-at home Mom is rewarding and we all love being around our babies and children, but let's face it, we all need some alone time and some adult interaction. Creating bonds with other SAHM moms is a great way to build long-lasting relationships for you, your children and even your partner. When moving to Texas, I knew that once I lost the chip on my shoulder, I would learn how important building relationships with other moms would be.

I recently became the Mom's Night Out Coordinator for my Mom group. A night out, away from all responsibility was so important to me. I soon learned that many of the other moms felt the same way. Being home with a child or children full time is taxing. It takes a lot of energy to keep up with the little ones while trying to keep your sanity. Occasionally, a few hours away from it all is all you need. Here are some fun things to do with your friends.

1) Go to the Spa. All Moms can use a little pampering and this is a great gift to give yourself. My group actually has a monthly pedicure night. We are able to bring snacks and drinks and sit and get a pampered a bit.

2) Game night! James and I don't play games together often so it's nice to get together with friends for a little competition. Food and drink are a must for game night so have everyone brings a little something to share.

3) Pin in Possible. Thanks to Pinterest, everyone can be an amazing cook. Each Mom brings something they have made from Pinterest to share with the others. This is a great way to sample multiple dishes without doing all the work yourself. In addition to the meal, it's nice to bring copies of the recipe you made to share with the others.

4) Corks & Cookies. We just had this at my house this past week. Split the group in half - half bring cookies, others bring wine. What better way to spend a Wednesday night! Nothing says ladies night like sweets and wine.

5) Go out to a dinner theater. Austin has Flix Brewhouse. You get the chance to eat dinner while watching a movie. This is a great idea since we usually only get 3 hours away each MNO.

6) Throw a pool party or backyard barbecue. Fun in the sun is a great way for the women in your group to kick back and relax. Our group usually saves these events for family days which is great! The men cook, the kids swim and the ladies can chit chat.

7) Have a dessert night. What woman doesn't have a sweet tooth? And since we are just having dessert, our bill will be much less. Everyone loves a budget friendly night out.

8) Go bowling. We have a MNO scheduled at The Goodnight. First dinner then work some of the meal off with 2 hours of bowling.

9) Movie Night. This would be the perfect time to see one of those "chick-flicks" that you've been wanting to watch. Crying and laughing with your girlfriends is a great way to bond.

10) Breakfast for Dinner. It's hard for us to get out of the house for breakfast so schedule a MNO for breakfast at a local restaurant. Again, breakfast tends to be the cheapest meal of the day so you are saving money while enjoying great company.

Feel free to share with me your own MNO ideas. It's really important to get out and be just you, not a Mommy or wife every once in a while. 

Happy Friday! See ya'll next week! 

PS - how the hell is it already July?? #timeslowtheeffdownalready 

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