Friday, June 28, 2013

10 Ideas for Mom's Night Out

Being a stay-at home Mom is rewarding and we all love being around our babies and children, but let's face it, we all need some alone time and some adult interaction. Creating bonds with other SAHM moms is a great way to build long-lasting relationships for you, your children and even your partner. When moving to Texas, I knew that once I lost the chip on my shoulder, I would learn how important building relationships with other moms would be.

I recently became the Mom's Night Out Coordinator for my Mom group. A night out, away from all responsibility was so important to me. I soon learned that many of the other moms felt the same way. Being home with a child or children full time is taxing. It takes a lot of energy to keep up with the little ones while trying to keep your sanity. Occasionally, a few hours away from it all is all you need. Here are some fun things to do with your friends.

1) Go to the Spa. All Moms can use a little pampering and this is a great gift to give yourself. My group actually has a monthly pedicure night. We are able to bring snacks and drinks and sit and get a pampered a bit.

2) Game night! James and I don't play games together often so it's nice to get together with friends for a little competition. Food and drink are a must for game night so have everyone brings a little something to share.

3) Pin in Possible. Thanks to Pinterest, everyone can be an amazing cook. Each Mom brings something they have made from Pinterest to share with the others. This is a great way to sample multiple dishes without doing all the work yourself. In addition to the meal, it's nice to bring copies of the recipe you made to share with the others.

4) Corks & Cookies. We just had this at my house this past week. Split the group in half - half bring cookies, others bring wine. What better way to spend a Wednesday night! Nothing says ladies night like sweets and wine.

5) Go out to a dinner theater. Austin has Flix Brewhouse. You get the chance to eat dinner while watching a movie. This is a great idea since we usually only get 3 hours away each MNO.

6) Throw a pool party or backyard barbecue. Fun in the sun is a great way for the women in your group to kick back and relax. Our group usually saves these events for family days which is great! The men cook, the kids swim and the ladies can chit chat.

7) Have a dessert night. What woman doesn't have a sweet tooth? And since we are just having dessert, our bill will be much less. Everyone loves a budget friendly night out.

8) Go bowling. We have a MNO scheduled at The Goodnight. First dinner then work some of the meal off with 2 hours of bowling.

9) Movie Night. This would be the perfect time to see one of those "chick-flicks" that you've been wanting to watch. Crying and laughing with your girlfriends is a great way to bond.

10) Breakfast for Dinner. It's hard for us to get out of the house for breakfast so schedule a MNO for breakfast at a local restaurant. Again, breakfast tends to be the cheapest meal of the day so you are saving money while enjoying great company.

Feel free to share with me your own MNO ideas. It's really important to get out and be just you, not a Mommy or wife every once in a while. 

Happy Friday! See ya'll next week! 

PS - how the hell is it already July?? #timeslowtheeffdownalready 

Thursday, June 27, 2013

A little Q&A

Earlier this week, I asked the ladies in my Mom group for some questions that I could answer in a blog post. A little Q&A. Some of you are new readers - Hi there! and others have been around since the beginning - thanks for your continued support! Either way, I thought this would be a great way to get to know me a little. Especially those of you I've meet through Silly Sprouts.

Where did you go to college?? 
I went "away" to school for a short, but expensive 45 days. Tiffin University, in Tiffin, Ohio. I got homesick. Which is shocking since I'm now living in Texas but at the age of 18, I couldn't handle being away. Once I got home, I went to a local community college. I plan to go back and get my bachelor's. I'm one of those people that like going to school. I really want a 4 year degree. I just need to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.

What's your favorite part about being a mom?? 
I love seeing Connor light up when he sees me. He really loves me. I know that sounds cheesy and even a bit biased but I know that he knows I'm his Momma and that I provide such good care and love him so much. He is a happy baby and I think that's due to James and I showing him so much love. We are a happy family, who laughs and plays. I want to have a happy baby/toddler/son.

What has been the hardest thing for you to adjust to as a stay at home mom? 
 I get lonely some days. Especially now that we are in Texas, were I only know a few folks. I am a worker, I like being busy so when all the Mommy and Wife things are done, I find myself a bit lonely and bored.

How are you adjusting to Texas? 
What an adjustment. Holy smokes! At first it was weird. I felt like I was on vacation or something. Now that I've been here 6 months, I can tell that if I really put in the effort, I could love it here. I've meet some really nice people and I look forward to building friendships for myself and family.

How did you meet your husband? 
James and I worked together. He was my boss! How shady right? To make it even worse, when we meet, I was engaged and he was married. But as much as that sounds wrong and like a juicy scandal, it's not. At all. We both ended those relationships prior to getting together. 

What are some of your hopes and dreams for Connor's future? 
I hope Connor can look back at his childhood and say that his parents provided him with opportunities to travel and to learn. To really become a well rounded individual. I hope he plays sports and does well in school. I dream of him going off to college and experience a life James and I missed out on.

What's the craziest thing you did as a young adult? 
Saying yes when someone asked me to marry him when my heart and head both were screaming "No! No!". I knew he wasn't the one for me and that we weren't good for each other but at 25, I had all but given up hope. Pathetic, right? I can say that that experience taught me a lot about myself.

What did you do before you were a SAHM? 
I worked as a Student Services Coordinator for an IT company. I helped displaced workers gain IT skills to gain employment in the IT field. I loved my job and miss it. But I wouldn't trade being home with Connor for anything else in the world.

Do you plan to resume your career? 
I think I will go back to work at some point. Maybe when Connor is a little older and in preschool/school. I don't wan to be out of the house a lot or permanently so maybe something part time. I want to be able to go on field trips with Connor. Ideally, I would love the role as classroom Mom. And it would be important for me to be able to spend weekends, holidays and breaks with him.

Where would you like to live? 
This is kind of vague. I do know that when we start looking for a house in Texas (we are renting now), I want a ranch, with trees and a yard for Connor. I am going to miss the falls we have back in Ohio so it's important that I have trees. It's going to help keep the yard cooler, too! I wouldn't be telling the truth if I said I would love to live where my family is but I can't say I miss Ohio. I just miss my people. If I was to pick a place/location, I'd like somewhere were the temperature never got over 80. I am very much a colder temperature person.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

So What! Wednesday

Let's take care of some So What! Wednesday business. As usual, I'm linking up with Shannon!

  • Connor refuses to hold his bottle. He is closing in on the 8 month mark. He also has no interest in a sippy cup or baby snacks. If he has to do the work himself, he is so not interested. 
  • Our bedroom looks like a tornado hit it. And then hit reverse and went through a second time for good measure. Since no one goes in there but James and I, I find myself neglecting that space.
  • The concept of dieting is so far from my mind these days. One day. I'll get there when I'm really ready to get serious.
  • I have a giveaway coming up in July that I am so excited to share with ya'll. You. Will. Love. It.
  • I bought waterproof mascara to wear to the Oklahoma City Bombing Memorial. I'm going to cry like a baby; no need to look stupid doing it.
  • I'm looking forward to cleaning out the garage tomorrow. Something is wrong with me, right?
  • Buying new furniture is in our near future and I'm happier than a fat kid in a candy store.
  • James said he was going to hit me in the balls. Seriously? Dude just needed to go to sleep. 
  • I know there is a lot of drama surrounding Sea World and the treatment of the animals but I'm choosing to look over it so I can enjoy our visit next week. 
  • The above SWW makes me sound like an animal hater. Which I'm not. I just want to enjoy the environment and show. It's no different than when I went to Disney World at 17. Princes and Princesses didn't exist and Mickey? That was one underpaid dude rocking that costume. But you better bet that I was just as excited to get my picture taken with Prince Charming, Belle and Mickey.
  • I am obsessed with getting Connor a monogrammed shirt for his 9 month pictures. I just have to find the perfect one. Anyone have a vendor they can suggest?
  • James says we need to send Save The Dates out for Connor's birthday. WTH?! I'm thinking it's a big overkill but since we are coming from Texas to Ohio for the party, maybe his right. Thoughts?
Remember to link up with Shannon!! Happy Hump Day! The week is ALMOST over.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Just A Simple Ordinary Day

Sometimes life is very much staged and perfect. Well there are times when it's one cluster mess after another. Other days, it's simple and easy. Those are when you play in nothing but a diaper.

Sometimes a little reading makes for a good afternoon.

That is until your favorite show comes on and you hear the catchy 'Super Why' tune.

And then you think it would be fun to chase Momma (but still watch Wyatt and the gang) while she attempts to take candid photos of you.

But with a face like this, who am I to complain? We can play all day. Chase each other till we drop with exhaustion. Because you are growing so fast. Learning so much and Momma doesn't want to miss a moment.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Pin It Completed!

Nowadays, everyone and their Grandma is on Pinterest. Pinning the perfect birthday party invite along with the most amaze balls chocolate cake followed up by the easiest way to get fab abs fast.

Side note: When I get notified that someone joins Pinterest and it's a guy, I laugh. Something about a guy surfing Pinterest is funny to me.

Noticed how I said pinning and not completing? I, along with so many others, pin away without really working on completely the crafts, dinners, and homemade gifts. I mean there are some really bad ass ladies out there that rock Pinterest like it's their jobs. I am not one of them.

However, I have started working through my Get In My Belly Board. I pin realistic meals, snacks and sweets. Ones that James and I will enjoy. And it's safe to say that most are high calorie but good for the soul. I like to eat and if I'm going to take the time to look up the perfect chicken enchilada recipe or mint chocolate cake, you best bet it's going to be the real deal.

Here are a few of the COMPLETED pins I've tackled. The best part? Every. Single. One. has been a hit!
See? None of these are going to win a prize for being healthy for you. But damn! They all taste amazing. They were easy for me to put together while chasing a crawling baby boy. I am a huge fan of dinners that call for using the crock pot or can be thrown together in one single backing dish. We just had the Italian Chicken last night and our 11 & 15 year old niece and nephew loved it. If it makes a kid happy, you know its good!

Do you have a favorite recipe you've discovered through Pinterest? One that is super simple but gets rave reviews? Feel free to share it in my comments or on WMM's Facebook page. I'm always looking for new ideas.

And you can find more of my Pinterest pins here!  

Friday, June 21, 2013

Sweet sweet Summer!

It's summer time!! Bronzed skin, pretty painted toes and enough sunshine to make the even the grumpiest of people happy. Although, I'm about to embark on my first Texas summer, I am looking forward to spending the days poolside and wearing as little clothing as possible. Please note, that's not because I am bringing sexy back but because I live in a inferno.

To kick off summer solstice (just what I need, extra time in the Texas god forsaken heat), I am vowing to enjoy my first summer in the Lonestar State. And what better why to keep me enjoying myself than some a few summer must dos!

1. Host a summer themed MNI party. What better why to celebrate summer than to get together with a few of my favorite Moms to enjoy a night in sans husbands and babes. From tiki bar to wild wild west BBQ to a fun luau, the options are endless.

2. Spend one weekend day each week exploring Austin and our neighboring cities. Texas is full of activity and I want to really "get to know" where I live. James and I love festivals and have been to a handful already. We recently toured the capital building (post to come) and I can't believe how much I learned from that visit. I also want to find a really good local farmer's market.

3. Tanlines. As of I need to put this on the list BUT I shall. Connor and I, hubby too, need to spend at least one day a week soaking up some sun! We now reside in the land of pools and splash pads. I must make use of each. and. every. one. of. them.

4. Health and beauty. What better time of year to focus on getting my body how I have always wanted it. It's so important to love yourself. Weekly Zumba sessions and walks/runs are now marked on the calendar! And what better way to accomplish goal #3 than to work up a sweat on the neighborhood walking paths. Don't worry, I wear sunscreen. Cancer is a bitch and she ain't welcomed here.

5. Decorate our home! Since it does get mighty warm in these parts, I can't spend all my time outside. Nor do I want to. What better why to spend some time indoors than decorating? Our master bedroom needs all kinds of TLC. Like stat. And there isn't a single window treatment in this place. Totally unacceptable.

Happy first day of Summer loves! And better yet - HAPPY FRIDAY!

P.S. If you haven't entered to when biggest giveaway in Blogland history yet good for you! That only increases my chances to win.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dear Stephanie...

Dear 20 year old Stephanie,

How your world has changed. You thought you had it all figured out and boy was you wrong. You sweet little sassy girl. Life is full of surprises and you will be shocked as to where life takes you.

The friends you had at 20? Thanks to moves, relationships and well, life, you aren't in touch with any of them expect Kristin and Carey. They are your "ride to you die" friends. At 30, they are still here. From time to time, thanks to this little gem called Facebook, you will reunite with a few others. Don't worry. In your mid-twenties you meet a wonderful girl who becomes you best friend. She is awesome. And her name so happens to be Kari Underwood. That will make more sense once American Idol rolls around.

The best friend from high school you lost? You are still bitter about it 10 years later. You will realize how hurt you were when you see her with him when you are out on your 25th birthday. That pain? Don't forget it. This betrayal teaches you a lesson you will never forget. 

You have a great work ethic. Most kids don't. They want to party and socialize. The only mistake you make it that you enjoy spending the money you work so hard to earn. That will bite you in the ass in a couple years. But thanks to support from a roommate and your boyfriend, you get your shit together. Till this day, you are obsessed with saving and paying bills on time. It's an okay obsession to have. It pays off when you buy your brand new car and can help others who need it.

That jackass you are dating? He is just that. A huge jackass and douche. You have no clue what is in store for you regarding your love life. It's messy for a while. You break a few hearts and yours is broken, too. And that's okay because you learn a lot from each of them and when you find the right guy? Girl, kiss your heart goodbye. He IS THE ONE. All the pain and heartache you've experienced is worth waiting for him. He is perfect. Actually, thanks to him, you can finally be you. Make sure you love him fully. Never give up. He is everything.

Speaking of, at 30, you are going to be married. Yup. With a baby. Double yup. All your life, you were going to be the single, independent gal, taking on the world. With the exception of single, you still are all those things. Don't worry, your life isn't over. It's actually better than you ever thought. Better than you could ever imagine. 

The baby mentioned above. He. is. your. world. He is the brightest light and the happiest of joys. As much as you know "kids will ruin everything", you couldn't be more wrong. Your son (of course it's a boy. You weren't made for mothering a girl. That never changes) teaches you some of the most important lessons. And just so you know, you are going to be a one and done type of family so don't get your size 4 thong in a bunch.

And that size 4 you complain about being too big, it's not. Girlfriend, at 30, you will be working your ass off (literally) to get to a 8. You need to love you. You are beautiful and perfect and happy and healthy. You have no reason to not like what you see in the mirror. At 30, things will be much different. A little rounder and softer, not to mention you will have some battle lines from having that baby. Every inch of you is still perfect. It's just different and that's okay. 

You will always be a Buckeye. You bleed scarlet and grey. But when you are 30, you will move. To Texas! WTF, right? No one will like it. NO ONE! But Sarah. Because Sarah likes change and believes in doing what you want. She never changes, except when she meets C. Then she is truly the best she can be. Moving to Texas is a huge adjustment but you will slowly warm up to it. Just believe James when he says he wants it to work, because he does and he gives 100% to make it home.

Your family is important to you at 20. That will never ever change. You will be just as close to your parents and brothers at 30 as you were at 20. CA will go to school in Illinois. Surprised? Don't be. He is just as awesome at 21 as he was at 10. He is still the best baby brother ever. You will be an aunt to 2 amazing little people thanks to Stevie. Thanks to parenthood, you and him grow closer. It's a wonderful relationship. Mom and Dad? They are still the best parents. After you lose that douche boyfriend, the 3 of you are much closer. And as much as this hurts to say, they were right about him and so much more. Don't worry. They remind you often.

At 20, you are searching for love. You find it. You learn so much about how it feels to love unconditionally. You are looking for friends to trust and believe in. You find them. You will learn to believe in yourself. It takes some time, but you get there. Once you do, you take the world by storm. And lastly, you aren't a hard ass. You learn this a little too late but once you realize it's okay to be "soft", as you put it, you will finally be comfortable in your own skin.

I'm proud of you, 20 year old Stephanie. You come a long way. You are one hell of a girl and you will LOVE the 30 year old you. Just wait and see.

The Wise One

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

So What! Wednesday

Happy Wednesday fans and followers.

I first want to thank everyone who has liked Wife Mommy Me on Facebook. I really appreciate the love and support. If you haven't liked my page yet, do so here.

I am linking up with Shannon at Life After I Dew for another chance to say So What! 

  • Connor doesn't like Mum Mums. 
  • My life is a mess these days. I need a break from responsibility. 
  • Making it through the summer with long hair is my new goal.
  • Taking care of a preteen and a teenager is making me gray before my time.
  • Thanks to E! I realized I never watched the season finale of Revenge.
  • Pregnancy brain rules my life.
  • I don't understand Bloglovin. I have it but don't really get it. It's not as user friendly as Blogger.
  • Next week, I have Christmas crafts planned for Jesus' half birthday. Feel free to think I'm a total nut job.
  • Cooking for a family of 4 is a lot of work. 
  • I miss going to the movies. 
Don't forget to enter you win blog advice from some great bloggers! Visit  Brandi for details.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Blogging can be tough. From what to write about to who to follow to how to brand yourself/blog, it's not easy. I'm in the very beginning of blogging and have so much to learn still. One perk of blogging and connecting with other bloggers is from time to time, there is a giveaway that is MADE FOR YOU. (and by you, I mean me).

Mama Laughlin and other bloggers are reaching out to help provide advice and guidance to help grow your blog. Visit Mama's page to find out more but don't enter to win. That makes it tougher for me.

Good luck! My the most neediest blogger (me) win!

Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Happy 11th Birthday VANESSA MARIE! 

In honor of our niece's special day, I interviewed her. She loves talking (especially about herself) so this was tons of fun!

Some of Vanessa's favorites:

TV Show: Dog with a Blog
Movie: Bolt
Song: Harlem Shake
Food: Spaghetti
Fruit: Grapefruit
Candy: Lollipops
Activity: Fishing
Holiday: Christmas (although she first asked if birthdays counted)

What do you want to be when you grow up? A jockey

What are you excited to learn in 5th grade? The Solar System

What is your favorite girl name? Boy name? For a girl, Sarah and for a boy, Miles

What is your earliest childhood memory? Jordan getting pulled onto the Diamondback at Kings Island.

What has been the best part of being in Texas? Going to all the different pools.

Ness, I hope you enjoy your birthday. You are by far the most unique little girl I know with the biggest imagination. Jimmy, Connor and I love you!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

In honor of Father's Day, I asked James to answer some questions about being a father. I got the idea from this week's US Weekly. 

Happy Father's Day, Foxy Coxy. I hope you know much Con and I love you.

The best part of being a dad is... For right now it's two things.  The first is knowing that when Connor smiles at me, I am doing something to make him happy.  Whether it's singing the Honey Bear Song or just saying hello to him.  He seems to find happiness in the simple things I do for him.  The second is that being a Dad has brought Stephanie and I closer together and that's always a good thing.

I'm glad Stephanie didn't Instagram that!.. I don't enjoy having my picture taken at all, so really anything she doesn't Instagram with me in it, is cool with me.  I do really enjoy how she is documenting Connor's life in pictures.  I look forward to sitting down with him later and telling him the stories.
How I hope he takes after me...  I've always been a natural leader and it has taken me to good places. 

How I hope he takes after Momma...  Stephanie has so many desirable attributes, it's hard to pick just one.  I would say her patience and her ability to go with the flow.  I have trouble with both of these.

The trait I hope he doesn't get from me...  My eating habits.

The most important lesson I will teach my child...  Two things.  People will remember the kindness you show them.  Live life to the fullest, you'll never look back and regret trying something fun or exciting.  You'll never look back and say, I wish I would have stayed home more or spent more time on the computer.  Get out and see the world!

What I learned about myself after I became a dad...  All of my bad habits seem worse now.  I need to get rid of them before Connor is old enough to pick them up.

I can't wait to teach my son...  How to Dougie.  Really, how to count.  One of my fondest memories as a child is how my grandmother always counted with me.  She would say 1, I would say 2 and so on.  I look forward to reliving this with Connor.  I also look forward to instilling a passion to read.

I'm better at singing Honey Bear than Mom.

Mom is better at pretty much everything else than me.

I look forward to when Connor is old enough to...  Share his thoughts with me.  I am so interested to see what his personality will bring to the world.

When he gets older, my son will probably be embarrassed by... by constant sarcasm.  See my comments from the previous question "what I learned about myself after becoming a dad,"  Hopefully, I can get better at this and he won't be embarrassed.

Friday, June 14, 2013


Life. Lately it's been a bit of a witch.. Honestly.

The last week has tested me in a number of ways.

As mentioned before, our niece, 10, and nephew, 15, are visiting from Ohio and staying with us for 3 weeks. To be frank, I was worried about how I was going to handle the added responsibility as James would be working and it would be my job to entertain them (along with a very active crawling 7.5 month old). 6 days in and I'm exhausted. While both are good kids, they challenge me in every way possible. One likes this, one doesn't. One complains of the heat while the other one talks non friggin' stop. I guess this is what I have to look forward to, right? Kids are a challenge, regardless of age and managing a house with 3 kids had taught me that I am not equipped to be anything more than a mother of 1.

Connor, the happy baby you see on FB and Instagram, is still just that. Happy. All the time. He is a true blessing on some of the roughest days. However, he has started this annoying habit of crying when I leave the room. I know I should appreciate that he wants his Momma, for there will be a day when he is too cool for me, but damn! I just gotta pee. C has also decided he is a big boy and wants to explore by pulling up on everything and climbing over and under any piece of furniture in the room. As much as I love watching him discover new things/talents, I wonder what it would take for him just to be still for 10 minutes (especially when I'm dressing him or changing his diaper). And when he falls and hurts him self, I wonder if just maybe this time he will learn that what goes up, must come down. Needless to say, we are in the awkward period where he isn't just a crawler yet he isn't strong or coordinated enough to stand. Bring on the bumps and bruises!

Additionally, there has been some family drama back in Ohio. For once in the last 5 months, I can say I am so happy to not be there. As much as I want to insert my opinion, these matters don't include me and it's best to stay out. Which is hard for me. Not because I'm nosey (which I am; terribly so) but because voicing my feelings would only add fuel to a fire that is already out of control. My big sister and only daughter emotions aren't going to help matters so it's best I butt out. For once.

I can't seem to do all I want to in a single given day. I'm pretty good at time management and multitasking but I can honestly say, there are multiple parts of my life that are lacking attention. Something has to give. I just need to figure out what.  

And lastly, I've been feeling like shit lately. I've been having the worse stomach pains after I eat. The bizarre part is it's only when I eat anything tomato based. Unfortunately, some of my favorite foods include tomatoes - pizza, spaghetti and chili. Not to mention the ONLY condiment I like is ketchup. I got some OTC medicine to see if it helps and I've made an appointment for Monday to see what the doctor thinks.  In the meantime, adios to my favorite meals and condiment.

As I end this post, I realize that my problems aren't really problems at all. It's just life. And sometimes it's uncomfortable and a total pain in the ass.

But I have a roof over my head, food to nourish my body, a husband that adores me, the cutest son in all of Texas and friends and family that care.

So really, who am I to complain?

Have a good weekend! See ya'll Monday!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

So What! Wednesday

Happy Hump Day! This week, I'm linking up with Shannon for So What! Wednesday

  • My summer fashion ONLY consists of running shorts and tanks, paired with some simple flip flops. Can we say trendsetter?
  • I am on Day 5 with a 15 and 11 year old, along with C and I am ready to drink.
  • WalMart and CVS both have lost my photo business for being dicks.
  • I dropped that d word with lots of grace.
  • Changing a diaper on an almost 8 month old child is like dancing with a spider monkey. That shit is impossible.
  • I'm dropping curse words like it's my job on this week's SWW.
  • So What! Wednesday post are mostly dedicated to my girl Sarah back in OH. She looks forward to them week after week.
  • I am overwhelmed and don't know how to fix it or how to be underwhelmed or just whelmed. (Clueless anyone?)
  • I've been showering at night to save time in the morning. Wet bed head is NOT my best look but I rock it with confidence.
  • Zipper pj's trump snap button pj's any day, especially when I can find them for $5.
  • I lost our dog on Monday. Thank God for Craigslist because he was safely returned to us on Tuesday.
  • I am dying to buy a pair of florescent running shoes.

Hope you all are enjoying your day! Remember to link up with Shannon.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A Hotel, A President and a Pool

Does that post title sound a little risque? I thought so! I love when others have dirty minds, too! But sorry, it's not at all what it appears to be. In fact, it's what our weekend consisted of.

On Friday night, we traveled to Dallas for the night. Our nephew and niece were flying in the next morning and instead of getting up at the ass crack of dawn to make the 3 hours drive, we got a hotel room and crashed there. Connor had a couple freak out moments in the car on the way to Dallas but overall, did well. He slept for half of the trip, leaving me to believe he would be up all night. He was full of enjoy once we got there and was ready to go!

Saturday, we visited the JFK museum and Dealay Plaza. I am a huge Kennedy fan (read slightly in love with all things Kennedy, Camelot and Massachusetts). We went through the guided tour and stood on the ever so famous grassy knoll. As much of a nerd as this makes me sound, I love knowing I was standing on ground where history was made.  Dealey Plaza is where the witnesses of JFK's assassination stand and watched. It was amazing standing there and thinking of all that occurred so many years ago.

We got home late Saturday night so we planned to take it easy on Sunday. With the warm temperatures, we couldn't resist spending some time in the pool. I think it's safe to say Connor had a blast. He is really enjoying spending time with Jordan and Vanessa while they are in town.

Our weekend was fabulous and the summer is going to be such a blast. Texas as a lot to offer and we are going to make the most of it. Being new to the area, we are totally into checking out the sites and sounds of Austin.

Monday, June 10, 2013

5 For Five

Good morning, ya'll! This 5 for Five is coming to you at bright in early for a change! I feel like this early start means this is going to be a good week.

I am linking up with Jenn for 5 for Five again this week to see how well I did with meeting my goals and setting some new ones.

My 5 for Five goals from last week and my results:
  1. Drink at least 336 ounces of water Monday thru Sunday. This breaks down to 6, 8 ounce glasses a day. Easy enough, right? Must be easier said than done because I was lucky to have drank 200 ounces.
  2. Create a meal plan for the next 3 weeks; grocery shop. Shopping for 4 people and a baby is expensive, not to mentioned a bit overwhelming. I got one week planned and bought for and that's a success in my book.
  3. Prepare for Jordan and Vanessa's visit by planning activities in and outside of the house. Done and done. I have a few things planned for us and lots of pool days since the temperatures are racing towards 100 quickly!
  4. Get James' Father's Day gift. Operation get the most impossible person to shop for a gift - COMPLETE!
  5. Hit the gym/pavement for 3, 60 minute workout sessions this week. I hit the Y for a Zumba class once last week and walked 2 other days for 60+ minutes. I am going to have to start walking earlier in the day thanks to the impending heat.

Here are my goals I am striving to complete this week:
  1.  Be up and at work by 6:30 each morning. This will allow me to have the rest of the day free and open to spend time with the kids and get out of the house before it gets too hot.
  2. Work out for a total 300 minutes this week. Last week, I was able to workout 3 times, let's up that goal to 5 times this week.
  3. Clean C's closet. I need to pack away the clothes he has grown out of and pack away some of the toys he has grown out of as well.
  4. Read 3 new blogs and follow 1 new blog. I usually participate in 2 link ups a week so I have the opportunity to find new blogs to read and follow.
  5. Put away the laundry. Currently, there are 3 large laundry baskets full of clothes to put away along with 2 suitcases full of clothes and random items from our trip to Dallas sitting in our bedroom floor. Our room is pretty much a mess. 
All these goals seem easy enough! I just hope that with the added responsibility of a 10 and 15 year old, I remember to take time for me and to stick to my weekly schedule and to-do's.

Have a good week! Remember to check back next week to see how well I do at reaching and completely my goals.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

That's What {Blog} Friends Are For

As some of you know, I am super frugal. I try hard to save money every where I can. Being a household with one income, I do my best to save money, cutting corners here and there. So when I need to find a new product, I don't want to waste my time or money on something I am going to hate. And let's face it, returning things isn't always the easiest, especially with a 7 month old in tow.

That's why I am turning to you ladies (and James - he is the only male that reads this blog. Hi honey!). I have a few things I am looking for and maybe you have a product you love and can suggestion.

Here is what I am looking to shop for:
  • Body scrub - I've notice the tops of my feet and knees are dryer than normal. Any suggestions for a good body scrub that really exfoliates?
  • A vitamin for hair, skin and nails - I still take a prenatal vitamin. I have for 6 years. But I'm looking for something that really focuses on hair. I have some layers and would like to grow them out without having to cut my hair to the shortest layer to make my hair one length. 
  • Workout gear - in particular, shorts and tops. Because of the heat here in Texas, I need to find good shorts I can walk/run and Zumba in. Not to mention tops that don't move and aren't too thick.
  • Eye makeup remover - If I wear eye makeup, I use both mascara and eyeliner, both in black. The remover I use now doesn't seem to get it all off, before or after I shower. 
  • Book suggestions - I usually pick the free books available on Kindle but would love some suggestions of books ya'll love. It's okay if they aren't free, I can pick them up at the RR Library.
  • Indoor activities for kids - on Saturday, our niece (11) and nephew (15) are coming to stay with us for 3 weeks. Seeing as it's hot as hell outside these days, I need to think of some fun, indoor activities I can do with them.
You can leave your suggestions in the comment spot or email me directly at!

Happy Friday Eve, folks!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

2 years; forever to go!

2 years ago, I married the man that God made specifically for me.

No one loves me or gets me like this man does. I will forever be grateful for his love and devotion!

You are not only my best friend but the most supportive one as well. Not to mention, you make me laugh over the silliest things. Best part? You think I'm hilarious, which I appreciate.

Thank you for being such a great Daddy to Connor. I love watching you two play. It warms my heart to see the kid in you. 

2 years down, forever to go. I love you Foxy Coxy. Today, tomorrow, always.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Zumba - 1, Stephanie - 0

Before getting pregnant in February 2012, I had spent 8 months working my ass off to shed some pounds. I counted calories using MyFitnessPal (username eightohtwo), took weekly walks and did Zumba twice a week. All the hard work paid off; I lost 30 pounds.

The moment I started Zumba, I was hooked. The hour workout went by ridiculously fast, leaving me sweaty and sore (in a good way), not to mention having burned anywhere between 450-900 calories. On average, I could expect to burn about 600-700 calories a session. Not only was I burning calories like nobody's business, I started really slimming down. I could see the difference the high tempo workout was making with my body. Especially my thighs, hips and stomach.

When we found out were expected, I was nervous to continue Zumba. For me, the hour session was go hard or go home. I decided to walk and started water aerobics instead. Now that I have refocused my energy on getting fit and have some amazing goals set to achieve this year, I decided to attend Zumba again.

Holy shit! I am much more out of shape than I ever realized. Yes, I can take 2 hour walks with girlfriends but ask me to shake my ass to a insanely quick Latin tune and I'm toast. As much as I wanted to quit (after just 15 minutes) and get Connor from the nursery, I decided it was do or die. Which, quite frankly, was die or die in my case.

An hour later, sweat dripping off of every part of my body, with a heart rate through the roof, I finished my first 60 minute Zumba workout.

Now, 2 hours later, I am proud of myself for sticking it out. For doing something for myself for one hour, even if it was painful and pretty uncoordinated.

So this round goes to Zumba, the Latin bitch you handed me my ass. Thursday morning, she's mine!

Monday, June 3, 2013

5 for Five

Happy Monday lovelies! I can't believe it's Monday and my first weekend back home flew by so quickly. As much as I enjoyed being back in Ohio with my friends and family, I am just as happy to be back home, with my family of 3, surviving enjoying the start to my first Texas summer. (Fellow Texans, any hints to survive the heat?)

It's been a while since I joined Jenn for 5 for Five but since setting goals and checking off tasks on my to do list is a daily/weekly occurrence, I thought I'd join her and other bloggers again this week.

My 5 for Five goals this week are:

  1. Drink at least 336 ounces of water Monday thru Sunday. This breaks down to 6, 8 ounce glasses a day. Easy enough, right?
  2. Create a meal plan for the next 3 weeks; grocery shop.
  3. Prepare for Jordan and Vanessa's visit by planning activities in and outside of the house.
  4. Get James' Father's Day gift.
  5. Hit the gym/pavement for 3, 60 minute workout sessions this week.
All my goals seem easy enough this week but I have been struggling with getting enough water and working out. I guess a 2 week vacation will do that to ya, right?

Remember to check in with me next Monday to see how well I do at completed each goal.

Enjoy your Monday!