Monday, May 13, 2013

The First of Many

Yesterday was perfect. I didn't spend it at the spa. I didn't dine at expensive restaurants.

I spent it with 2 of the most important guys in my life. Connor worked hard on the perfect message for my card. Isn't my boy just the sweetest?

Church in the morning, followed by lunch at one of James' favorite places - you can never go wrong with Mexican!

Followed up with a 3 hour nap for me while the boys played. That's right?! A 3 hour nap. I am so grateful for that gift, let me tell ya!

A dinner of carry out and a late night run for milkshakes. Simple. Easy. Us. Nothing better than spending your special day, doing the things you love the must: cuddling my baby, getting spoiled by your hubby, long naps and good food.

I hope each of you Moms had a very special day, no matter how it was spent. I know that as a mother these days are rare, making them all that much more special. A day filled with love, being recognized for all the hard work we put into our home, marriage and children.

Yesterday was also the first Mother's Day I spent without my Mom. Even though she is miles and miles away, her presence was felt. I am my Mother's daughter. I learned to be who I am as a wife and mother from her. There is no way to celebrate my roles as both without acknowledging my Mom. The best Mom I could ask for. The sweetest Mamaw for my son and niece and nephew. The greatest best friend a girl could have.


  1. Sounds like my kind of Mother's Day too :)) Seriously Connor is THE cutest baby ever.

  2. we are never too old for naps! :)

  3. It sounds like you had a wonderful day!

  4. Yay for a great first Mother's Day!! Ours were very similar :) I don't need fancy gifts or expensive meals...just my people together is all I wanted! That picture of you & Connor is beautiful!


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