Wednesday, May 8, 2013

So What! Wednesday

So What Wednesday 

Happy Wednesday friends!
I'm hooking up with Shannon for another week of So What! Wednesday:

** The first day of feeding Connor 2 meals along with 4 bottles resulted in a vomit explosion we haven't seen since the early days of parenthood.

** I have been walking and "working out" lots lately but my eating habits are atrocious.

** Speaking of, I am jonesin' for some cake. Good cake. Like from The Cake Shop or The Cakery. Dayton folks, you know what I'm saying, right?

** Working 2 hours a day has caused me work related anxiety.

** Connor is dressed daily in one cute outfit or another while I keep it classy in black yoga pants and a t-shirt.

** I plan to start watching Parenthood once all my favorite shows go on hiatus for the summer.

** A snotty, congested baby that has just gotten shots could be used as a torture device.

** Someone has a birthday and Christmas list compiled already.

** June is going to be a stellar month of Connor and I socially. Watch out Austin.

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  1. Yuck on the puking and congestion. Hopefully the little guy gets to feeling better soon!


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