Wednesday, May 1, 2013

So What!? Wednesday

So What Wednesday 

Happy Wednesday!
Let's say So What! to a few things, shall we?

* This post is coming to you at 9:03 p.m. That should tell you how busy my day was.

* I booked Connor's birthday location today. 6 months in advance. I'm that kind of party planner.

* The expectations I'm putting on myself to make this party AMAZING is too high to measure. Good luck handling me until October.

* Our house is so big compared to our old one that I break up the cleaning by floors and days. And always have a day in between where I don't clean. At all.

* James made fun of how I looked by saying "Do we not own any mirrors?". Yup, he's a goner.

* We celebrated CJ's 1/2 birthday and frankly, the kid had no clue what the hoopla was all about.

* I do more now as a SAHM than I ever did before having Connor. The house is always cleaned, laundry completed, dinner cooked and dishes washed. That shit didn't happen when I worked 40+ hours a week.

* I put far too many photos on IG. Wanna see for yourself? (1sassycox).

* The above So What! was a shameless plug, right?

I hope ya'll had a great Wednesday! Time for some Silver Linings Playbook! 

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  1. Part of why I wish I could be a SAHM is so that I could keep up better with cleaning, laundry and cooking. It's just so hard to do that while working all week and then taking care of H when I get home. Hence why we have a cleaning lady once a month or our floors would never be vacuumed.


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