Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Making Friends at 30

When life hands you a chance for a change, what do you do? Do you turn your back and drag your feet? Do you shut the door and ignore the constant knocking?

No. You make a choice. You leap into the unknown. You move outside of your comfort zone. You make a choice to take a chance (for once in your friggin' life).

When moving to Texas, I knew I was going to have to make new friends. I was leaving my friends from childhood and adulthood in Ohio. Yes, we can Skype, text, email, Facebook and Instagram. I joked that I didn't need friends nor did I want them. I had friends.

4 1/2 months later, I've made new friends. No, they don't know me like the ones back home but they are friends none the less. Like my Northern friends, they all serve a purpose in my life. To me, each friend provides me with something that I need, something that makes that relationship special, unique to me.

Through, I meet another SAHM, Chrissy. She is Mom to a little girl, just a couple months younger than Connor. We both found the meet up group was lacking but we gained a friendship. We take walks at a local park on a weekly basis and have now started meeting for lunch once a week. Throughout the day, we will text each other with a parenting questions or share this or that with each other. The nice thing about Chrissy is that she isn't from Texas. She, too, only knows her husband and little one (and a few others). That helps in building relationships. We both demand and NEED are weekly play dates and lunches. We don't know many people so it's nice to have each other.

I also have gained a wonderful friendship with a co-worker of James'. Pitt is fabulous and she ADORES Connor. I joked that she likes me just for my baby. I really can't blame her. He is just that wonderful. Pitt is so crafty; her craft room amazes me. She has made some of the nicest little blankets for Connor. We have monthly craft nights and we have gone to Painting With A Twist together as well. This week, we are going to get pedis together. Like Chrissy, Pitt isn't from Texas and knows what it feels like to be a stranger in your new hometown. Her whole family has been very welcoming of James, Connor and I. We have had dinner with her and her family twice and I feel so welcome and comfortable with them. They are truly the sweetest people. And the best part? She gets me. I can be me with her.

I didn't plan on making friends. I thought I didn't need new friends. Boy was I wrong. I put myself out there. I was vulnerable and instead of hiding and dragging my feet, staying locked up with Connor all day, I put myself out there. The risk paid off. Texas is slowly becoming more of a home and less of a pain.

Making friends at 30 isn't easy. But then again, if it's easy, is it really worth it?

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  1. I completely understand! I'm 31 moved to Charleston, SC for a few months and it just seemed so hard to make friends and I think I'm a friendly person! Truth is no one could ever have too many friends! I used as well! =)


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