Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

In honor of my amazing Momma...

Dear Momma,
Happy 30th Mother's Day! As we celebrate our special day on Sunday, I want you to know how much you mean to me. How much you have shaped my world.

I know that becoming a Mom wasn't something that was planned for you. I know how much of a surprise I was. When every one else wanted to overlook this little being growing inside of you, you decided to have me, raise me and become a mother at the young age of 16. Being a teen mom was hard yet you never let me know it. You were always the best mom, my biggest cheerleader and the one person who always believed in me. You gave me and the boys everything we could ever need and so much more. You and Daddy sacrificed so much without hesitation to make sure we had a life we would love and become children you could be proud of.

Thank you for giving us a loving home. For working night shift so that you could further your education during the day, allowing our family to have opportunities we wouldn't have had any other way. Thank you for making birthdays and holidays special year after year. Thank you for doing my art projects in elementary school because I lack the talent. Thank you for supporting me when you didn't want to but did so anyway because that's the kind of Mom you are. Thank you for making Coma Cake at every family gathering (my ass just thanked you, not my belly).

When my days of parenting are hard and my nights are long, I think back to all the struggles and hardships you have encountered and know that we are cut from the same cloth and if you can get it through it, so can I. I know it was never easy being a young mom to 3 kids but you did it with with style and class. You never once wish you had made a different choice when it came to being a parent. You took the cards you were dealt and you turned over a winning hand, time and time again. Thank you Mom. Even though you may think no one sees or knows what you've sacrificed, I do. Now as a Mom, more than ever.

And even more importantly, thank you for teaching me how to be a mother. You provided the best example and when you say Connor is perfect because I'm a perfect Mom, it's because I learned and watched you over the years. No one can do it better. You take the cake on how to be an amazing Mom.

Happy Mother's Day, Momma. I love you!



  1. Sweetest post ever!! A mom at 16, wow!! She has sacrificed so much <3

  2. I always loved your mom. I hope you both had a wonderful mother's day.


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