Thursday, April 25, 2013

Something to Strive for

A few weeks ago, J asked me to sit down and write down some goals for myself and the family. It's easy to come up with short term goals (this week or month) that I'd like to accomplish but thinking of tasks that you'd like to set as goal and then complete proved to be a bit challenging for me.

I thought long and hard on what I'd like to do within the next 2 1/2 years. By 2015, we will have a 2 1/2 year old, have been in Texas for 2 years. It's crazy to think that far ahead but I was able to come up with some goals that I've set for myself and hope to stick to and complete.

Goals for the remaining months in 2013

  • Set a family budget. List what we will spend on groceries, entertainment, clothes, Stephanie’s hair appointments, birthday gifts for others, Christmas gifts for others, gifts for each other for birthdays and anniversaries
  • Locate and enroll in a school to take classes to enhance my resume
  • Pick travel dates for Connor’s birthday and Christmas
  • Pay off all debt with the exception of our cars
  • By December, organize and create Connor’s 1st year photo book
  • Organize/filter/delete photos on my computer

2014 Goals
  • Create a savings account for Connor’s education. Be it preschool, daycare, private school
  • If we are still renting, I’d like us to make a plan to be in our own home in 2015
  • Train for and complete 3 5Ks
  • Spend at least 8 hours a month volunteering in some capacity
  • Pick Connor’s preschool out
  • 1/1/2014 – start eating clean
  • Start sponsoring/advertising on my blog
  • Determine/enroll in an degree program
  • Host Thanksgiving at our home for local friends and any out of state friends/family 

2015 and beyond Goals
  • Pay off our cars. If we could pay off at least 1 car before the end of 2015, that would be fabulous
  • Host 50th Birthday party for Mom in OH - December 2015
  • Plan our 5 year wedding anniversary – June 2016
  • Start saving and pick destination for T's big 40! - June 2018


  1. Those are some great goals! Good Luck! :)

    Laura @ Mice in The Kitchen

    We have now been in Texas for 8 years! time flies!

  2. You have some big and wonderful goals, girly! I hope you will achieve them all easily!


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