Wednesday, April 24, 2013

So What! Wednesday

So What Wednesday

I feel like it's been FOREVER since I've hooked up with Shannon for a So What! Wednesday!

Here goes nothing!!

* I deleted 1804 photos from my laptop. I have a picture hoarding problem. I am now in remission.

* Coffee isn't that bad if you add enough creamer and sugar. I'm making an effort to like it, as it's easy and better for you than Diet Coke.

* This summer is going to be spent without makeup. After one day with makeup on, out in the sun at a festival, I am totally broke out.

* After taking my folks to the airport Monday morning, I did NOTHING. And loved every minute of it.

* James is so on board with the one and done plan that if I ever wanted a second baby, I'd have to sweet talk him a lot. Along with other things that shouldn't be mentioned on this blog.

* I started dieting again on Monday. However, the idea of working out is still foreign to me. Baby steps.

* I don't get way people follow blogs but don't comment on posts.

* I am on the fence about signing up for MOPS next year.


  1. Visiting from So what Wednesday Link up! Love your blog! I have a picture hoarding problem too. On my actual camera I still have pictures from Labor and Delivery and my daughter is 2. I just cant delete them because Im nervous i'll never see them again, yet they are on two computers!! I'm also in the one and done club! I'm not so sure I will change my mind... :)


  2. You should see the memory on my computer. The one thing about having a 'big' camera is that the photos are such a better quality that they take up a WHOLE lot more room. My computer crashes about every two years because of memory issues.


    You will be addicted to coffee before you know it. I used to hate the stuff, now it's a treat to myself sometimes!

  3. I honestly don't even know how many pictures are on my computer, basically since I got a digital camera back in 2007 so yeah a LOT!

    I read a lot of blogs but don't always comment simply because I don't have time or because I don't really have anything to say in regards to a particular post.

  4. The photo hording, HA!! I am notorious for photo hording here. I am getting better at deleting some, but others there is no way I will delete them. :) At the following blogs but not commenting. I'm ok with that, I just hate it when people say, Hi I found you from here, if you follow me, I will follow you. I don't want that! I want people to follow me because they like what I have to say. This isn't a popularity contest. One and done club, that is awesome! I am ready for my one, but hoping for two total. Have a great Wednesday! :)

  5. I deleted almost that many pics from my phone! yikes!! I agree with the not commenting thing, what is up with that? It's like coming to our house, sitting on our couch, drinking our coffee but never saying HI! Rude! I am in MOPS now and I hope I can find another one next year when we move to KS. I have enjoyed it so far this year! :)


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