Tuesday, April 23, 2013

A "working" SAHM

With the excitement of visitors last week and all the hustle and bustle that March provided, I 'forgot' to mention that I will be starting a 3 month contract position starting this morning.

I am working for NH (again) in the Marking Department, which is totally new to me! I am helping out while a co-worker is out on maternity leave for 12 weeks. I am working very very very part time, about 2 hours a day, FROM HOME!! While the opportunity isn't going to make us rich, it is going to provide me with some experience working with a marketing team, planning and maintaining the special events for the entire company (about 17 centers total). It also allows me to add the job on my resume so I won't have such a large gap in employment on my resume, when and if I go back to work.

I am looking forward to learning how to juggle my SAHM duties along with Connor and work. I am hoping that it goes smoothly and allows me to feel more comfortable about finding something more permanent to do while still staying home with Connor.

Lots of Mom's work for home, especially in the Austin area. Any of you work from home? How do you balance home/baby and work? It's something I am really interested in doing, God willing.

Have a great Tuesday and I will let you know how my first week as a working SAHM goes!


  1. I would love to work from home, I'm actually able to work from home one day a month and as needed if Hunter is sick and such. But it is hard to do when he's home because I'm having to constantly keep an eye on him so I think even if I had a work from home job I would have to send him to daycare for at least a few hours in order to actually get anything done. Sounds like a great opportunity though!

  2. I would love to work from home too! I feel like it would be win/win, although I will say - when I'm trying to crochet or edit photos, it is SO difficult sometimes to focus when you have a little one demanding your attention all the time. I've found that nap times work best for getting things done! I hope everything turns out great!


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