Monday, April 8, 2013

3.30.13 - 5 Months


Can you believe you are 5 months old already? The time has really flown. You are changing and growing so much, your personality is started to show and I couldn't love this time with you any more.

This month you have really starting exploring while on your tummy. You will turn yourself in circles reaching for toys and looking around. I love when you stop playing to look up at Daddy or I to make sure we are still there watching you. Of course we are; we are your number 1 fans!

This month you discovered your love of oatmeal. We give it to you at least once a day, usually before your afternoon nap. Your belly gets full and you will sleep a good 2-3 hours. You are still eating pretty well and you have been keeping more and more of your bottle down. I'm happy to say that thanks to the oatmeal and full belly, you are slowly gaining weight and starting to have some chubby legs and arms. Which I love. You are now up to 15.6 pounds!

You and I took a road trip to Oklahoma to visit with Aunt Dean and Macie and you DID AN AMAZING JOB in your car seat. I've realized that you have to your blanket with you while in your car seat. You will cuddle up with it and sleep, sleep, sleep. Which obviously makes for a great car ride. Thanks for being patient with us while we figured this out. Now, you are a true road warrior.

Unfortunately, you got sick this month. A nasty virus that caused you to have a high temperature, a couple of throw up episodes and the need to cuddle while sleeping. It was a rough couple of days but the virus passed and you were back to our happy baby boy within days. Let's hope we can have a illness free home from here or out.

I keep saying how lucky we are to have you as our sweet baby boy. It's the truth. You are always so happy, giving smiles to everyone. You are one friendly babe. 

We love you oh so much Con.

Mommy and Daddy

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  1. I seriously love that kid! He's so cute! It sounds like he's doing great, and I'm impressed you took a solo road trip with him! Sure wish my girl would become a car sleeper...little stink.


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