Monday, March 11, 2013

5 for Five

5 for Five
Happy Monday! Get your to-do lists ready and link up with Jenn and Jessica for this week's 5 for Five!!


Here are my 5 for Five from last week.
Green means I accomplished the goal, blue (because yellow is hard to see for some reason) means I almost stuck to my goal and red means I did not accomplish the goal.
  1. Have the house cleaned, laundry done and errands ran by Friday afternoon so the weekend can be spent with James and Frankie, enjoying the great weather we have coming our way. (I had everything done by Thursday night so Friday was spent hanging out with  my sweet boy since it rained all day)
  2. Track all my meals on MyFitnessPal (1sassycox), even the bad ones. (Sure did!! And because I knew I was aiming for a 2 pound lost, I did so well and kept myself mindful of the meals I had)
  3. Lose 2 pounds this week - this would put me at my pre-pregnancy weight (frickin' finally). (I actually lost 3.6 pounds last week. See what calorie counting and (some) workouts will do?! I'm so proud of myself)
  4. No trips to Hobby Lobby or Target. (We did go to Target Friday night but we needed to. We got Connor a few things that he needed and Target was open and right around the corner)
  5. Complete Connor's 3 Month entry in his baby book. (I looked at his book while cleaning his closet. That's it!)

Here are my 5 for Five this week 
  1. The weather is supposed to be in the 70's all week long - Connor and I, and maybe James in the evening, will work 5 days this week, 45+ minutes or more.
  2. Get some pre-packing done for our trip to OK next week.
  3. Purchase and mail out Layla's birthday gift.
  4. No electronics after 8 p.m. (again).
  5. Get Cora, Will and Allee's Easter gifts bought and in the mail by Saturday at the latest!

PS - this is my 200th post! Holy crap! I've thought something was important/cool/blog worthy enough 200 times!
 I may just be a blogger yet!


  1. I think I may have to start doing this. I always set my own goals each week in my head, but this will keep me more accountable.

    Also! HORRAY on those last 2 pounds! You ROCK!

  2. My oldest baby is 4 (almost 5) and I still have not finished (fine I have barely started) his baby book. I didn't even bother getting one for my 10 month old. I figured it was a lost cause!

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