Tuesday, March 19, 2013

5 for Five - Tuesday Style

I totally realize it's Tuesday, after 5 PM. I've been hella busy around these parts. I'm just now getting a break. 
So last week, I set the following goal - let's see how the week went:
  1. The weather is supposed to be in the 70's all week long - Connor and I, and maybe James in the evening, will work 5 days this week, 45+ minutes or more.
  2. Get some pre-packing done for our trip to OK next week.
  3. Purchase and mail out Layla's birthday gift.
  4. No electronics after 8 p.m. (again).
  5. Get Cora, Will and Allee's Easter gifts bought and in the mail by Saturday at the latest!
Not bad, right? The whole electronics after 8 things is damn near impossible. I've decided to give up trying and if I happen to not be on my computer, phone or Kindle after 8, I will celebrate quietly. 
And since Connor and I are headed north to the Sooner State tomorrow, I've given myself the week off from setting goals. Actually, I take that back. I have one goal this week.
Make it to Muskogee, OK with a happy baby and my sanity in check. 


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