Friday, March 1, 2013

3.1.13 - 4 Months


Happy 4 Months Connor! You are 1/4 of a year old! I can't believe how fast the time as gone. I really think you've done a lot of growing, changing and exploring this month.

You are still the best baby. You have your moments when you are a little much, like when you don't want to be in your car seat or if you are really tired but don't want to go to sleep. Overall, you are happy. Everyone thinks so. I guess you know how to be on your best behavior when others are around.

You are a fan of tummy time now which has helped with your ability to hold up your head. Which by the way, is a little big. Thanks to me. Sorry, babe. You are such a talker. You talk, talk, talk. And scream, too. Especially when you are excited. You really like to be held up, at arms length. You like watching Mommy or Daddy carrying you.

You take 2 naps each day, one morning and one afternoon, and go to bed between 10-11 each night and only wake once to eat around 3 or 4. I will be totally honest when I say I'm looking forward to when you sleep all night long. But until then, 3 a.m. cuddles it is!

I am looking forward to your next doctor's appointments so I can see how much you've grown and weigh. You have been doing much better with keeping your feedings down. Could I possibly hope you are growing out of the acid reflux issue? Let's hope so.

We love you Connor, so very much. Again and again, I thank God for choosing us as your parents.

Momma and Daddy


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