Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine's on a Budget

As a SAHM, I'm not bringing in any income. This has made me very picky about how I spend money. Not only have I cut back on trips to Target and Hobby Lobby, but I've started getting a more creative with how I celebrate holidays. Especially ones that aren't "real" holidays. Valentine's Day is one of these holidays.

I wanted to get James something in honor of Valentine's and let's face it, I could never top last year's gift. So, with a budget in mind and Pinterest on my side, here is what I gave James for Valentine''s.

The first photo is a book of 10 coupons for James to use whenever he wants. They range from things like a sleep late pass, a chore free week and a yogurt date. Only a few will actually cost us money. Most of totally free tasks.

The middle picture is everything I got for him. He prefers orange slices to chocolate, a travel hot/cold cup for his morning tea/coffee, a Wallflower plug-in with refills for his office (he actually mentioned he needed one) and then his card.

The last picture is an idea I got from Pinterest. Basically, you type a favorite song into Word, highlight one line that has the most meaning in a color of your choice and print. You can then add a heart for decoration and frame. Easy peasy. I choose Jason Mraz "I'm Yours", our song.

James loved his gift and if I were to put a price tag on his gift, it would be around the $20 mark. Not too bad, right?

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