Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Happy Wednesday, folks! Let's hook up with Shannon for another So What! Wednesday:

** I finally bought new clothes and there was not one piece of black material in the bunch. This is me branching out.

** At book club on Monday, I am the youngest by 10 years. However, I love it. We all know how I feel about senior citizens.

** I hate doing Zumba at home. What a wasted $35. I need the class to really succeed.

** Posting pictures on IG of ONLY Connor caused a "friend" without children to unfollow me. Your loss, lady. My babe is delicious.

** March is looking to be very busy, yet I'm worried about C's schedule. How does a baby stay on schedule when traveling?

** Speaking of traveling, little man and I are driving to Oklahoma by ourselves next month. This gives me HORRIBLE anxiety. Any tips?

** Since having Connor, I've lost most interest in celebrity gossip. It takes me weeks to read my US magazines and I usually wait until I have a few before I attempt to read them.


  1. Someone really unfollowed you because you post pictures of your kid?? What? They would rather just follow someone who only posts photos of their food or something?

  2. unless you are leaving time zones keeping with the same sleep schedule should be fairly easy! Different time zones is a hot mess.

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  3. If you can schedule the majority of your traveling around nap-time and make 'planned' stops for feedings, you'll probably be good. Henry was always a good traveler, hopefully Connor will be the same way!


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