Wednesday, February 6, 2013


I'm linking up for another week of So What! Wednesday.
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** I hashtagged MOPS on IG thinking it was going to be other Mothers of Preschoolers... no... it's pugs. Check it out. Hastag fail.

** I think the Biebs needs to find a new stylist. His outfit on the Jimmy Fallon show was ridiculously bad. Poor misguiding boy.

** Our house drives me nuts with all the hardwood floors. Carpet is much easier to manage.

** Connor insists on having his entire fist in his mouth. I thought letting him choke himself would teach him a lesson. Nope. Still does it. Now I just feel like a bad Mom for letting him choke.

**I get showered, dressed and ready every other day instead of just showering. These are the same days we actually leave the house.

** Guilt prevents me from shopping. Our checking account thanks you, Guilt.

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  1. I SAW the biebs on Fallon and I couldn't agree more. He's like trying to be TOO much of a trend setter!


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