Thursday, February 21, 2013

I Don't Sew

It seems nowadays everyone can sew. Everyone but me that is. Not only do I not have the materials/equipment needed, I lack the desire to learn.

However, sometimes sewing is needed. I used to use Momma or Kari, sometimes Shirley. Since the  closest one of those is 7 hours away, I decided to come up with my own solution.

When you enter our house, we have a small "formal" sitting room. There isn't much in there just yet. We basically used furniture we already had to fill the space. We have 2 very simple off white chairs from IKEA. They are very plain and I wanted to spice them up.

Pretty plain and boring, right?
I went to JoAnn's (I know, right? Hobby Lobby must never find out!) and found some fabric on clearance for $2.99 a foot along with some push pins. In the end, I used 1 1/2 foot of fabric and 14 pins.

Here is what I did to cover the throw pillows:

Step 1: I placed the pillows on the fabric, leaving enough room so that when I cut the material, I could cover the ends.

Step 2: I cut the material down the middle (or as close to the middle as possible). Remember to leave room so that you can fold the material in at each end. Think of wrapping a gift.

Step 3: Pin the material down using the push pins. I used 6 total. Make sure this is secure. Use as many pins as you would like.

Step 4: I folded the end, similar to how you would a present.

Step 5: Pin each end to the back of the pillow/material. You may cover the orginial pins. That's okay. I used 4 total. Feel free to use more.

And that's it. In 5 easy steps and less than 10 minutes and without a needle, thread or sewing machine, I have covered my pillows and added a little color to the chairs.

Here is the finished project:

Overall, I like how simple this was to add a little color to the room. And if we ever purchase bigger pillows, I can use the same fabric without worrying about letting any fabric out. Just unpin, refit and pin again.


  1. Love it! Thanks for sharing! I cannot sew either!!

  2. I got a sewing machine for Christmas but am still learning! I have found that a staple gun works great for projects too! I love fabric! It totally pops.

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

  3. I have a sewing machine that I have slowly learned to use. I'm better with my hands though. I love it, it's a great way to cover something without needing how to sew!


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