Monday, January 14, 2013

The Chubby Truth

All my life I've been on the chubby side. I can easily say it's due to genetics, which is partly to blame and actually true, but the real blame is my eating habits, my lifestyle. There was a short time in my life when I was small. Tiny. Super thin. I was also very unhappy and far from healthy.

As I entered my 20's, I slowly started to gain weight. I ate whatever, whenever. I love food. LOVE. Good, bad, fast, homemade. You name it. My social life included dinner dates and parties, eating out on the run with friends and family. Snacking throughout the day to keep my energy levels up. Needless to say, food was a major part of my life.

As our wedding day neared, the stress of planning a wedding in 2 months clearly showed. I weighed 184 pounds one week after our wedding, June 13. The number is big, I know. But put that much weight on a 5'1" frame and I'm a walking bowling ball.

I had had enough. I couldn't stand the way I felt or the way I looked. I started using MFP and lost 26 pounds in 8 months. I felt better about how I looked and my energy level was through the roof. I finally felt good.

When we found out we were pregnant, I knew my smart eating habits were going to play a major role in my pregnancy. I stayed active and made every attempt to eat the right foods for myself and Connor. I gained 34 pounds. The day I welcomed our son into the world, I weight 193 pounds.

Almost 10 weeks after giving birth, I have lost 32 pounds. Just 2 pounds shy of my pre-pregnancy weight. At 5'1", I am still over weight but slowly getting to the point of where I am happy with my body.

My goal is to get to 150 pounds. This to some of you skinny bitches, seems like a lot but honestly?? I'm never going to be much smaller. I will never own, need, wear a size 2. Nor do I want to be that small. If I ever get to a size 8, I would be the happiest girl alive. Seriously. And I want to be happy, not miserable because I can't enjoy food and have to worry about fitting a certain mold.

I want to like the me I see looking back at me in the mirror. I will eat right, exercise and enjoy myself. I will be smart when I give in to sweets and nights out. But regardless of what is plastered in magazines and online, I am going to enjoy the body God blessed me with.

This post is real. And it's me.

It's my chubby truth.


  1. I think it's great you've lost the baby weight so quickly, it took me much longer to lose all the pregnancy weight. And I think so long as you are healthy and feel comfortable with your body it doesn't matter how much you weigh.

  2. The healthiest thing you can do is love yourself!! I posted something similar to this...
    I'm 10 months post delivery and still hanging on to a few extra pregnancy pounds (I gained almost 50 pounds!!). I workout religiously and eat as healthy as a frazzled full-time mommy can. But, I remind myself daily that the healthiest thing I can do is love me, which helps me to be a better mommy!

  3. TayTay, I miss you so much! I miss my walking buddy! It's so freaking cold here that I'm heading to the mall to mall walk tomorrow. This infuriates me because it takes gas to get to the mall and it makes me mad to spend money to go walk when if it was warm I could just go down the street. Come home please!!!

    I'm super proud of you, btw!!

    1. I would love to mall walk with. Damn Texas, ruins everything!!


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