Monday, January 28, 2013



I don't shower until James gets home from work. On purpose.

I spend Connor's entire nap watching Army Wives.

Shopping for warm weather clothes makes me sick. I'm not exactly in the best summer shape, just yet.

Pinterest takes over my mind and all I can do is think about my next project. Or someones 1st birthday party.

Diet Coke and Thin Mints are what's for breakfast. 

I take too many photos of Connor. But it pays off. Because sometimes I capture this face:

Happy Monday folks!


  1. Ha! It's rare I get out of my pjs, let alone shower, before the hubs gets home. What can I say, it's comfy, right?!
    What an adorable little expression on Connor's face!
    Check out my blog's giveaway going on. I think Connor would look ADORABLE in a new little hat!

  2. I can't wait to get my Thin Mints! He is to freaking cute, by the way!


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