Wednesday, January 23, 2013

So What! Wednesday

Happy Wednesday, folks! I'm hooking up with Shannon for another week of So What! Wednesday...

** I just learned how to watermark my photos and I'm so geeked to start using photos with our watermark.

** I've watched 3 seasons of Army Wives in 2 1/2 weeks. 

** Using generic formula and diapers have saved us so much money lately. I wish I would have looked into generics earlier. Lesson learned.

** Instead of having a single cheat day in one week, I had 3 cheat days in a row. Patty McFatty over here.

** I am now a member of the Round Rock Public Library Book Group. This first book I get to read is Juliet by Anne Fortier. Anyone else read it?

** Getting a hair cut and a brow wax was the highlight of my weekend.

** Craft Night on Thursday makes me giddy. I am really working on my inner crafting diva. 

** We visited another new church on Sunday and it's not a good fit. Maybe, the 3rd church will be a charm.

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  1. I have started watermarking pictures here and there and I feel like it takes so long. People should just give credit like they are suppose to. LOL.

    Ramblings of a Suburban Mom

    1. I use Picasa 3 and it's so easy - give it a try.

  2. How do you watermark a photo? I've thought about doing it but if it takes a while I will probably skip it.

    We waited a long time to use generic formula and diapers and I wish we had switched sooner and saved more money. Oh well now we know for next time.

    1. C's formula was costing us $26 bucks. Now, the generic, which has everything the name brand did, is $13. No brainier there! The only time I have used the name brand diapers were when he was first born. We were given a box of 160 Pampers and I used them before switching over to Target.

  3. We never used name-brand forumla, although I refuse to use anything but Huggies diapers. For us, the others leaked.

    1. We can't use Huggies, they break C out something fierce. We've used Pampers but no we are strictly Target. So far, no leaks.

  4. I'm sooo glad you're finally using generics! I try to share that knowledge with everyone! But...with a newborn I don't blame you for using Pampers. I will too with my next one. Probably for the first few months and then...good ole faith fil Target!

    The the one I sent you? I used word! So fun and so cute!


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