Wednesday, January 9, 2013

So What! Wednesday

Happy Hump Day!! I'm linking up with Shannon for another week of So What Wednesday. This week, I'm saying So What! to...
** unless I have somewhere to go, I stay in either pajamas or change into yoga pants and comfy shirts and sweatshirts. My Mommy wardrobe is hot, let me tell ya.
** I think the most handsome man in all of Ohio and now Texas is Connor.
I have a heart breaker on my hands.
** I've lost 3.7 pounds since Jan. 1. I'm kicking this fat girls ass.
** life without cable has caused me how to be creative with how I spend my down time.
** I've talked about Connor's recent diarrhea with just about anyone who asks how he is. Mother/baby TMI, I think so. But it's life and we keep it real around here.

** tonight is my first outing in Austin to meet some of the NH - Austin family. I'm thinking jammies aren't allowed. Damn.

** Ebates has made me a bit of a shut-in. Why should I leave the house when I can shop from the comfort of home and get PAID!?

** we have an entire room in our house that has no furniture in it. That's what happens when you double the size of your home and don't have enough furniture. Looks like I need to be shopping!


  1. Congrats on the weight loss, girl! Keep up the good work! Connor is such a cutie! Have fun tonight!

  2. The furniture thing made me laugh! My house was like that for the longest time!

  3. I'm glad you guys made it safely and are settling in. I hope that Connor feels better soon!


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